Baby’s First App

Baby’s First App

Created by Blue Couch Media

I received my iTouch in November, 2009.  Since then I have been downloading applications that fit my two worlds: education and being a parent.  My son, Logan loves when a new “game” is added to my collection.  His excitement and love for learning has encouraged me to begin reviewing developer’s apps and to share those feelings/wishes from two points of view: from  a toddler and of a  parent/teacher.  So begins my first review of Baby’s First App by Blue Couch Media.   My first impression of this application was that it was colorful, it had interesting audio, and it certainly put a smile on my toddler’s face. On the main menu it gives you an option to view all categories or one at a time.   Categories ranged from: colors, to letters, objects, animals, shapes and numbers. For those with children under 3 or even with learning needs, any mode would be top notch.

Logan who happens to be 4 1/2, couldn’t stop laughing when he was reviewing the “animal” category.   From there we moved on to the “all at once” option and unfortunately this lost his interest as it took too long to get back to the main menu.  QUESTION 1 : Would it be possible to have the ability to get out of that mode while in it? For example, a little button that a child could click on?  Question 2: Is it possible when a child’s finger touches the screen that it moves at a faster pace.  There appears to be a long delay after the object/number/letter/color has been said.

Slowly the educator came out in me and I asked Logan if he would select the ABC group.  We scrolled through the alphabet (Logan chanting off the letters) and thoughts began to pop into my head – “Are the letters written accurately? Is there too much animation when saying the letter names?”  Please do not take this the wrong way, I am applying this to my own son and other viewers might not have the same questions/thoughts.

Overall, I would give this app a thumbs up!  If you are interesting in checking out Blue Couch Media further, visit them at  To download this app, just click here.

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