Rocket Math – Free Version


Rocket Math Free Version

by Dan Russell-Pinson

Have you ever wanted to fly to the stars and back again?  If so, then you will want to  download Rocket Math by Dan Russell-Pinson.  My review is based on my experience with  the free version. There are a number of things that made an impression on me.  One being  the graphics.  The avatar creation appeals to all ages levels.  Right from the beginning the  developer draws in his players.  Players are expected to design their own rocket with  engines, fins, boosters, decorations and even some fun stuff.  I can just see my 3-5 graders already intrigued and the academic part has not even started.  The concept of learning such things as: basic math facts, telling time,  and learning shapes to name a few can finally be entertaining.  Unfortunately, many of those concepts reinforced throughout Rocket Math are not drilled in schools anymore.  This application would allow for that and be an outstanding addition to any “center or free choice” time. For those students that struggle academically, it allows students to work at their own pace.

With all the positives though there is one thing that I would recommend.  When the player launches his rocket and travels to the stars, he/she needs to realize what type of answers they need to be searching for before their ship looses its parts and returns back to the ground.  A reminder is placed at the bottom as they travel up, but it’s small and not obvious.  I wonder if the question type could be switched with the information at the top of the screen (score, best score, altitude).

I can see why it was voted Top 10 best app for elementary school kids by Appolicious and is considered a winner by The iPhone mom.  The latest version has a number of upgrades and will really please all.  If you would like to download Rocket Math, click here.

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