Motion Math

Motion Math

First word that comes to mind – AMAZING!!! Motion Math had me from the moment that I clicked on the application icons start button.  This application works on fractions, percents and decimals.  What really “wowed” me was that it meets the needs of students at all academic levels as well as those with various learning styles.  These developers really knew their audience when creating this application.

When you play this game, you are expected to move the iTouch from side to side causing the comet, that hosts the fraction/decimal/percent or pie chart, to the correct location on the number line.  If dropped incorrectly, then an arrow pops up and indicates to the player which direction they should move the comet.  If the problem persists, then the number line will be divided into the correct parts.  As you progress through the game, the comet will become more challenging or even increase speed depending on your students success.  Even your score is shown as a fraction!  Motion Math meets the learning standards on a number of levels.

Do you have a student/child that is struggling in any of these areas?  Then download Motion Math and your struggling or frustrated learning will become an encouraged learner.  To learn more  just click here.  You can also read more by visiting their website.

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