V-Tech: What’s That Noise


V-Tech: What’s That Noise

by VTech Electronics Limited

Just recently downloaded V-Tech: What’s That Noise.  For those that don’t live in the northeast, we just got hit with another round of snow.  So today was a perfect day to have my little critic explore What’s That Noise.  Logan was extremely excited to use the iTouch in order to read.  He is currently in a pre-kindergarten class and is learning level 1 site words.  His desire to learn is finally peaking.  There was a time that when you asked him to practice anything that it was just a disaster waiting to happen.  Now when he reads he is able to pick out those site words in his books.  Using the VTech app today just encouraged him even more.  Lots of positive of comments can be said about this application.  From a teacher’s point of view, I had initial thoughts and when I tested those out, the app was capable of doing those academic skills that early readers need.

The application reads the story to you while highlighting those words read, but it also allows students to touch the words one at a time so that they are able to control and read as well.  In addition, it highlights certain vocabulary words that users can again touch and it opens to a dictionary that explains what that word means if the user is confused.  This application isn’t just an ebook but it also encourages other reading games as it relates to the story.  As I look at my own curriculum benchmarks for a kindergarten, my mind is put to ease not only as teacher but also as a parent that this application is CONTENT driven and not just a silly activity.  Here are just some of the standards that are being met with the use of VTech: What’s That Noise:

• Demonstrate an understanding of the concepts of print including directionality, title,
illustrator, and one-to-one word correspondence

• Hear and identify sounds in words including rhymes, syllables, and initial,
middle and final consonant sounds

• Read 25 high frequency words

A great app with lots of potential!  The only thoughts that I might ask the developer: will you be adding more book options within this app?  Rather than downloading one book/follow up activities, can users have the choice to choose different books and activities that coincide?  Or are those separate downloads from VTech?  If you would like to learn more about the VTech: What’s That Noise app then click here.  You can also visit their website at http://www.vtechkids.com/v.reader/

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