A Day in New York City with Noah

A Day in New York City with Noah
by StoryBoy Books

Have you ever been to New York City?  If going to New York was like a visit with Noah then I would go more frequently.  Having grown up in the New Jersey/New York area, the thought of traveling into the city just made me anxious.  Those anxious feelings towards New York City were diminished with the help of a little boy named Noah and his family.  A Day in New York City with Noah chronicles a families excursion through New York City.  The illustrations and animation definitely kept my interest throughout.  This book makes you feel like you are right their with his family in New York. Immediately Noah had the reader questioning what he would do that day.  He also made you use your predicting skills of what the “unknown” activity was that his father was planning.

As I read this book I had my “teacher hat” on.  Our particular school district implements the readers workshop model which has our students developing the following skills: visualizing, summarizing, questioning, synthesizing, making connections, prior knowledge, evaluating and inferring.  To guide our students through these skills, many teachers have begun to use  the site Into the Book.  Yes, even books like A Day in NewYork City with Noah can be incorporated in an elementary classroom setting as an introduction to a particular genre of writing.  How amazing would it be for a group to have this uploaded on a teachers iPad that is connected to a projector and visualized/read as a group.

I can not wait to share this story with my son, as I can only imagine the connections that he will make with things that we have done as a family.  If you would like to learn more about Noah and other books that StoryBoy Books have to offer you can visit them at http://www.storyboy.net/.  Or if you want to download A Day in New York City with Noah, then visit them in iTunes by clicking here.

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