Stack the States

Stack the States
by Dan Russell-Pinson

Do you have a student that needs further reinforcement on states, capitals and locations?  Then you will definitely want to download Stack the States.  Here is what many are already saying about Dan Russell-Pinson’s app: iKids says, “It’s a must have!”  While has voted it Best Educational App for 2010.  As an instructional technology specialist in a primary school which serves grade 3-5, this application would most certainly reinforce our 4th grade curriculum.  Stack the States is not only educational but it is also addicting even as an adult.

This application allows there to be multiple users.  If in a classroom setting with more than one iPad/iTouch, teachers can track their students progress based on the number of states they have earned.  Users are asked questions like: What state is this? What is the capital of…?  This states nickname is?  This state borders?  These questions begin to  “stack”  knowledge taught from their classroom teacher and apply it to 21st century skills.  As they progress through each level, they begin to unlock other state activities that will continue to reinforce curriculum learned.

Our school district has a collaborative model when it comes to technology.  Students come down to the lab when it fits their curriculum along with their classroom teacher.  On several occasions, teachers have come to me and said, “I just don’t have time to integrate technology.  Look at all these standards that I need to meet.  How can I possibly fit it with technology?”  My response is usually one that states that technology does not necessarily have to be in the lab.  It too can happen in the regular classroom through center activities with the help of many of Dan Russell-Pinson’s applications.

If not in school, then download this application to your private iPad/iTouch for your child to feel successful in the palm of their hands.  Are you a parent that is concerned with the amount of time your child spends using technology?  Then worry no more, Stack the States is content based is well worth the download.

Are you interested in Stack the States or other apps by Dan Russell-Pinson, then be sure to visit his website.  Or visit iTunes by clicking here.

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