Teachers Pick

Teachers Pick
by Brad Brooks

Today’s review is solely for educators.  If you have not already heard via Facebook, Twitter, email or the news, Apple sold their ten billionth download recently.  Yes, ten billionth!  This past summer, in my search of educational and productivity apps, I came across Teachers Pick. I was quite excited to see the possibilities that it would have on my classroom come September. Do you find that you call on the same student(s) time after time?  Are there students in your room that never raise their hand?  If so, then Teachers Pick will solve that problem and you will begin to “hear” from all your students.

The objective behind this application is just as their icon shows.  At some point in the school year, have you found yourself using popsicle sticks to pick students to do things?  Well popsicle stick no more!!  Very easily you can set up class lists and assign students to each.  Teachers Pick is not limited to just the regular classroom teacher.  It is appropriate for integrated arts, staff meetings, setting up teams for group projects and after school programs as well.

As I shared this application at the beginning of the school year with the 400+ students that come through my room, they were intrigued.  They didn’t believe me when I said their name(s) were uploaded to my  iTouch, not until I clicked the “smiley face” button and they were expected to answer a question.  Through the use of clipart, students can be either active and non-active. Below is a screen shot of the smiley face (active) and snooze icon (non-active)  that you will see within each list.  With a click of the smiley face, a student is “randomly” chosen.  Why not put the selection of students in the hands of technology rather than in your own.  Once their name is picked, you can switch their mode so that their name is not chosen again.

Since having downloading this summer, the developers of Teachers Pick have made a number of improvements.  Student lists can now be edited in multiple ways that were not there in the initial launch. This is a must have application for any educator and for just a mere .99 you too can have this app.   If you are interested in learning more about Teachers Pick be sure to visit their website:http://sites.google.com/site/teacherspick/.  Or download Teachers Pick from iTunes by clicking here.

One comment on “Teachers Pick

  1. Thank you for the great review of Teacher’s Pick. Now there is a version for the iPad as well, Teacher’s Pick HD. It has the additional feature of creating and storing random student groups for project teams, field trip buddies, etc. It’s available now in the iTunes App Store.

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