The Beehive

The Beehive Lite
by FableVision

Have you “bee”n wondering how an application for the iPad and iTouch could be both educational and rewarding?  When I use the word “rewarding” I am referring to not only yourself but also to others. It’s the first application out there that I have come across that does just that. Two very unusual yet powerful groups based here in Boston, Massachusetts have teamed together to make The Beehive application. FableVision which is often known for books, software and even a bookstore and an organization called Generation Cures which helps young adults from all over at Boston Children’s Hospital are the minds behind this mind boggling and addicting application.

The Beehive is one of many activities that users will experience when “gaming for a cure” while on Generation Cures website.  A team of people from Boston Children’s and FableVision have designed an epic tale called “Caduceus: Staff of the Alchemist”. While on this epic tale a player goes on a great adventure trying to find a cure for one of the characters.  In playing a user can get others to sponsor them through awareness or even a financial donation to help doctors extend their research for a cure to cancer.  The Beehive is just one of those adventures and has been brought to you via an iPad or iTouch.

The objective of The Beehive is to find a group of three bees that have a distinct trait such as wings, a pattern, color or shape. Once you see the distinct trait go ahead and click on them.  Make a mental note though that bees can only carry one distinct trait.  If you are wrong, your score will decrease.  If you are correct, those bees that you just highlighted will turn gray and your score will increase.  After the first group is found a pop up box will ask you to find the target bee that has invaded the beehive.  If you think you know which is the bee then click on the target symbol and select that bee.  As you progress through the ten levels of play, the distinct traits will become a lot harder to find.  Sounds simple enough, right?  Just wait!!!

A third grade class, their teacher, myself and members of the Generation Cures team worked together on bringing “Game For A Cure” to our school.  The day that we played The Beehive via the computer version, I sat with a student for 40+ minutes just so that level would be saved for her.  We were determined to find the targets!! Our students were having fun while they explored this epic tale, while always keeping in the back of their mind what the true reasons for playing meant.  Helping others!!! What a selfless action of kindness :+)

If I have stung your interest, please be sure to learn more about that connection by clicking here. You can also find them in the iTunes library.  Although the Generation Cures gaming program has so much more online, why not bring a little piece of it The Beehive to the palm of  your hand.  For just a mere $1.99 you too could play and the proceeds made will be donated to pediatric care and research.

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