GEO Walk


GEO Walk
By Vito Technology Inc.

Today Vito Technology recently updated GeoWalk.  Back in January, I reviewed this application and was impressed then and continue to be with their recent updates.  Have you ever wanted to travel the world?  Well, now is your chance to do just that without having to leave the comfort of your home.  GEO Walk is a virtual tour of 500 up to date objects and their descriptions.  As you travel the world you will see amazing photography like images of plant/animal life, buildings, historical landmarks, and landforms.  You can navigate through this app via two modes: earth and photo album mode as I would like to call them.  Regardless of which mode you happen to be in, you can also select one of the four icons at the bottom of your menu screen (people, places, animals and plants) to locate the place you would like to visit and learn about.   As I explore with this application I am amazed at the seamless flow and interactivity that it provides.  An added bonus for those that have either an iTouch, iPad or iPhone and haven’t paid for the data plan, you can still get access to GEO Walk!!!  An app that has a great deal of potential and doesn’t limit myself or those using it definitely appeals to me.  Want to stay on top of facts you learned as you explored the world, GeoWalk has now added a quiz option that will allow you to “playfully” refresh your memory.

As a parent, if you have a child that just loves to soak up all kinds of trivia, then you will want to download this application. Together you could explore places and share your own background knowledge.  For those that can read, that user could go on their own adventure across the world in the backseat of the car while you are driving. As a teacher, I could see this application being used in all grade levels that I teach.  As my fourth grade students learn about the regions of the United States, in science as they begin to learn about living things and various landmarks.  The regular classroom setting is not just for GEO Walk, why not use it while in Art.  The possibilities are endless!  It appears very self-explanatory but has a great deal of educational potential.

A thought to the developer – would it be possible to include a reading option for those that can not yet read the descriptions but love the idea of learning about new places/things?

If you love to travel, then travel on over to Vito Technology Inc. or check them out in the iTunes Library.

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