by Mesa Dynamics, LLC

So I am stepping outside of the educator app for a bit to share with those following my blog CardStar.  What does your keychain look like?  Do you have small plastic cards dangling from your key ring?  Or is your wallet filled with them?  Prior to purchasing my iTouch and having found CardStar, my wallet was a mess.  I never used those foolish cards because I would forget that I had them.  Then CardStar enter my world!!!  It was a good thing. I am a very organized individual that doesn’t enjoy clutter.  Like so many, I love shopping and finding a good sale.

CardStar is the handheld version of those plastic membership cards  that retailers give out for free. Since having downloaded CardStar, the app has really improved.  There is very little that you need to do and you get so much out of it.  To add your cards just click on the “+” button and you can search for the retailer of your choice.  Look on the back of your plastic membership card and enter in the bar code number that relates to your account.  Once it is saved, it becomes a scannable card.  Within each card, there are several things that you now apply to that handheld card.  For example, there is an info button that provides a 1-800 number to call, connection to their home page and a store locator.  In addition there is an “Extras” button that connects to Four Squares, however, I have not used this as of yet.  One of my favorite buttons is the Deals.  As you view the list of all your cards, if you see a tag next to the name of the retailer then that means there are COUPONS!!!  Who doesn’t like coupons?

Although there are some retailers that are not able to scan your Apple device, they can read the numbers under the bar code and still provide you the points/coupon(s) that you so deserve.  Each time I use this app retailers are amazed at how cool it really is and I have to agree!!  Are you interested in learning more about CardStar then check out their website –  Mesa Dynamics, LLC or visit them in iTunes library to download your FREE app!!

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