Homework for iPhone

Homework for iPhone
by Machead

Do you have students that need help with their spelling?  Or are you a parent whose child(ren) are not great at spelling?  Maybe you have both.  Who has to be a good speller these days?  We have dictionary widgets on the computer, Franklin Spellers, other friends that are good spellers and of course the “old” way Merriam Webster’s Dictionary.   Personally, I say lets stop giving our students/children an excuse for not properly spelling.  Lets give them the tools that can help and Homework for iPhone might be just what your student/child is looking for.

Homework for iPhone is designed to let the user create an unlimited number of spelling word lists.  Once the list is created, you type and record each word.  If using an iTouch be sure to use earbuds with a microphone in order to properly record.  There are two modes – Practice and Test mode.  Within the settings you can have words appear randomly, repeat those troubled words and to even have results of your test sent to a specified email address.  A thought to the developer – would it be possible to lock the settings mode so your student/child can not alter how you may have set up those options?

In “practice mode” the user will tap the “speak word” button and then spell that word in the box provided.  To check if they are correct all a user needs to do is hit “Next.”  A reinforcement box will pop up stating whether they spelled the word correctly or not.   While in the “test mode” the only difference is that once completed the results are then sent to the parent via email.  Another thought to the developer – is it really necessary to email the results? Can a parent not see how they did once the test is completed.  Is it possible to save their results to their account?  Overall, a very simplistic application but very effective!

I can just visualize a classroom of students wearing earbuds and listening & spelling with the help of either an iPad or iTouch.  Each working at their own pace and independently without the pressure of their peers.   Sure there are a number of ways a student/child can practice their weekly spelling words: paper & pencil activities and online websites.  But can you necessarily do them while on the go?

Although my little learner can not benefit quite yet from this application, I would most certainly advocate downloading it for students grade 1 – on.  If you are a teacher or parent that needs help, then be sure to check MacHead’s website or you can visit them in iTunes to begin your download.

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