Let’s Bead Friends

Let’s Bead Friends
by i-Itch, Inc.

Why am I reviewing Let’s Bead Friends?  For so many reasons, it encourages creativity, works on  building patterns and can even put a smile on a child’s face when they electronically share their bracelet  with a friend.  This application allows toddlers that want to use beads like their big friends/siblings do without having to worry that they can’t string it on or manipulate the smaller beads.  It fosters any child’s development of their fine motor skills as well.

Over the past few months, my little man has really been interested in “making projects” as he would say.  When I saw Let’s Bead Friends I immediately knew he would fall in love with this application.  To begin you select “Start Beading”.  You are given a number of shapes and colors to choose from.  Beads can be plain or have a design.  The designs vary from squiggly lines, polka dots, and even winter themes.  The possibilities are endless and foster creativity.  There are no right or wrong ways to build “your” bracelet.   To add or delete the bead to the string just hit the plus sign (adding) and the minus sign (deleting).  Your little jewelry maker will continue until they see the “finish” button.  To finalize your bracelet,  a user gets to select an adorable clasp to close the bracelet.  At that point they can see their bracelet glimmer, save it to their jewelry box, email it to a friend, and post to Facebook for loved ones to see.

As we played with the application a few things came to mind.  In future updates will there be other designs added or will we need to purchase those packages?  A few times my son struggled with selecting the +/- buttons.  Would it be possible to pinch and zoom in on the +/- to make it easier for all learners?  When finalizing the bracelet, you have the ability to add a clasp but when you see the final product that clasp is not shown.  If you choose to customize that clasp, it would be great to see it on the final product when emailing, adding to your jewelry box or uploading it to Facebook.

In the words of my little designer, it was AWESOME!  If you would like to learn more about Let’s Bead Friends, be sure to check out i-Itch by clicking here.  Or you can get right to beading by visiting them in iTunes.

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