by 7wonderlicious Pty, Ltd.

Today I had a chance to sit with my Guidance Counselor to see how we might be able to use the 7Wonderlicious application with her curriculum and friendship groups.  It is a 28 story card application which encourages girls and in my opinion boys too to explore, be adventurous  and to be proud of who they are. If you aren’t familiar with this application you can check out their YouTube video here.

As we sat together viewing this app, all my guidance counselor could say was “Wow, I can really see this helping so many of our students in 3rd grade.”  Although iTunes states that it is a great inspirational resource for children ages 3-7, our support staff here feel that it is still relevant even at the upper elementary age.  We were impressed with so many things that it had to offer.  Sara, our guidance counselor works with a variety of personalities and emotional needs.  Her friendship group is compiled of students that can be described as quirky, shy, and anxious.  She was encouraged to see how the application started off by introducing each of the  7 “wonderful” girls. At the end of each of their “profile” cards it offered opportunities to discuss as a group.  Part of her objective when meeting with her friendship group is to show them how to start off conversations with anyone they encounter.  These questions were perfect and would really help their young impressionable minds to see how we are all alike and that we should value each others differences.

7Wonderlicious is compatible with both the iTouch and the iPad.  Our exploration today was through an iTouch.  This application is not an app that you just hand over the iTouch or iPad to your child or student.  It requires interaction with others through the use of technology.   Since Sara’s friendship model is done as a group – it would have been great if an iPad were to be accessible for her during her upcoming session.  Just to be able to see the illustrations as either the narrator, yourself or the teacher reads those cards that apply to her students needs.  Regardless, she is encouraged for her upcoming session and can not wait to use this application with her group.

A thought to the developers of 7wonderlicious – would it be possible to have a picture scroll option of each of the 28 cards and a keyword underneath each explaining what that cards focus is. This way you can get right to the story card that you would like to reinforce with a child or group.  Our reasoning for asking was that we might not necessarily use all 28 cards during one session.  In addition, Sara also mentioned that it would be great if a follow-up app might be created for those students in 4th or 5th grade.

7wonderlicious is trying to empower our girls and I believe that it could also apply to boys out there in a variety of ways.  If my review has encouraged you to encourage others (boy or girl) towards loving who you are ….then be sure to visit 7wonderlicious in your iTunes library by clicking here.

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