Chore Pad

Chore Pad
by Nannek

“Mom, can I get? Mom, I want. Mom….mom, mom!!”  How many of us hear that on a daily basis?  I know my hand is raised up high.  This application is Applicable2U, whether you have  a toddler or a school aged child(ren).   Lets teach our children what it means to be responsible with the help of a mobile reinforcement chart.  Instead of telling your child what to do, establish jobs and rewards together as a family.  I am excited to begin exploring this app and how it can alleviate inappropriate behaviors and those situations when you hear, “But Mom! I have to have XY and Z.”

While viewing on my iTouch, I quickly realized that by rotating my iTouch from landscape to portrait the screen view would appear differently.  In one direction my son can see how he is doing for that particular day.  Whereas in the landscape set up, he is able to compare his success rate from day to day.  Being able to see those big green checkmarks means a lot to a child.   Having a sense of pride that they accomplished something and in time rewarded for their hard work.  This type of chore chart provides all around positives for children.  Not only do I love the kid friendly appearance of this application, but I also love the developers website. If you happen to not be a “techie” person and need a little extra guidance in setting up the initial accounts, they have that covered.  While visiting Nannek’s website you can find additional information for such things as: Quick Start Guides, Frequently Asked Questions, and Features that sets them apart from other reward chart applications.  Make this an application that the whole family can be involved with.  From setting the chores to selecting the rewards.  Check marks are given because a chore was completed, not taken away for behaviors that do not relate to the chore chart.

Interested in reading more about Chore Pad, then check out Nannek website here.  Already know that this app is for your family, then begin downloading it in your iTunes library now.

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