First Words Deluxe

First Words Deluxe
by Learning Touch

Looking to guide your toddler towards recognizing letters and how to spell words up to eight letters long?  Then First Words Deluxe might be just what you are looking for. This pre-reader and spelling application encourages vocabulary development in a wide range of categories such as: vehicles, animals, at home, colors, and shapes.  At first glance, I can equate First Words Deluxe as interactive flashcards with a Scrabble like twist for ages 3-5.  Who wouldn’t want to see their own child recognize actual words that they “played” with while driving in the car, in the classroom, at a restaurant or walking to the park?  As you show signs of being surprised,  it will give them a smile on their face acknowledging their success.  As a parent and a teacher viewing this application, I see four obvious educational levels.  What in my opinion makes up each component or options within each level:

  • Level 1 – Speech is turned on, letter hints are on, letters can be dragged in any order, using only uppercase letters, 4 letters long
  • Level 2 – Speech is turned on, letter hints are on, letters have to be dragged in order from left – right, using only lowercase letters, and 5-6 letters long
  • Level 3 – Speech is turned on, letter hints are off, letters have to be dragged in order from left – right, using only lowercase letters, 6-7 letters long
  • Level 4 – Speech is turned off, letter hints are off, speed is increased to fast, capitalization, 8 letters long

Whereas the child using the application sees that they are having fun with lettered tiles as they drag and drop them into place.  Once in place, each letter is spoken and the word is read. With adorable flipping animation that moves across the page, repetition and yes, even a little challenge as they are ready.  Regardless of who is using the application, all parties are happy!  Learning is disguised with lots of fun for school aged children. If you were hoping to add in an additional challenge of phonics, at this time, that component is not available.  As I see it, this applications primary goal is to develop a child’s vocabulary and to encourage letter recognition as they begin to build words.  It is as we know it, a part of the building steps to reading.  This is just part one.

First Words Deluxe is just one of the many vocabulary and spelling applications that they have to offer.  To learn more about those options, I would suggest you visit Learning Touch’s website.  But if you love what First Words Deluxe has to offer then be sure to begin your download today in your iTunes library here.

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