The Berenstain Bears Love Their Neighbors

The Berenstain Bears Love Their Neighbors
by Oceanhouse Media, Inc.

Who doesn’t want to share with their son or daughter the daily life happenings of  the Berenstain Bears?  I know these books were one of my favorites as a child.  Oceanhouse Media has once again put an “oldie but goodie” book into my sons little hands.  Today’s reading adventures of Love Their Neighbors will teach my little critic to not judge a book by its cover, that everyone is different and being different can sometimes turn into a very positive experience.

There are a number of interactive book apps out there and Oceanhouse Media will always be on the top of our list.  Like many other developers of interactive books, Oceanhouse Media offers the option to read the story to me, read it myself or to set it to auto play.  To guide those just learning to read, words are highlighted as the narrator moves along the page.  What my son loves about their books is that the pages are interactive in so many ways.  From a child’s point of view, each page appears to be showing everything but with a swipe of your finger a Ken Burn’s affect begins to occur and the readers eyes magically move across the page to something new.  From our previous experience with Oceanhouse Media books, we knew that once the narrator stopped reading that the page would continue to come to life by developing a readers vocabulary.  Little or big fingers can tap an object within the story of your iPad or iTouch screen and a word will pop out of the sentence or screen as if you were sitting in a 3D movie.  What we happened to notice this was if those little fingers are very careful where they press, a picture to word association might just happen all the time.

In our house, interactive books are used in several different ways.  While I am driving, my son likes to wear his headphones and listen independently while he learns and laughs at the comedy of errors of his pre-school/preK books.  While at home, we read as a family either by listening together or where we read the interactive book to him.  Regardless of which route we happen to take, conversations are always had to reinforce comprehension of the story, vocabulary and to further discuss the difference between right and wrong.  Books are very powerful in that they help to reinforce skills we want our children to model in their daily lives – who knew that an animated family of bears named Momma, Papa, Sister and Brother would be able to do just that!

The Berenstain Bears Love Their Neighbor is just one of many interactive books out there by Oceanhouse Media.  If you like what you read here, I would suggest that you visit their website or you can begin downloading one of their newest app releases by clicking here.

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