Three Blind Mice on Vacation in Africa

Three Blind Mice on Vacation in Africa
by PicPocket Books

Wooley Cat’s Musical Theatre presents Three Blind Mice on Vacation in Africa.  This is one of many recent interactive book applications that Applicable2U has recently downloaded.  If you choose to download this application, your little reader will quickly begin to sing along with the story, dance and interact with each of the pages.  My exploration of this app began as my son was actually building with Legos.  Very quickly he stopped playing with his all-time favorite toy to see what Momma was up too.

This application is both a story and a song all in one.  Oddly enough, as I “played” with this app, I found myself thinking of the song – Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes which most children are familiar with.  What child wouldn’t want to spend time exploring the musical adventures of three blind mice.  If you happen to have an iPad handy, connect it to a projector with the help of a VGA adapter, why not view this story as a whole group.   What’s interesting about this book is that as a teacher I can see it being read in two different ways. First, as a whole group, lets close our eyes and put our imagination to work as we listen to this book.  Even before the story has begun a catchy little tune begins which will make the reader want to do a little “shake of their shoulder” to the beat of the song.  Unlike most interactive books, this particular app indicates that a page should be turned with the sound of a chime.  Before moving onto the next page, as the teacher, click various images on the page.  Have the students hear the sounds that are made and ask them to make predictions of what it looks like on the page.  Students will begin to giggle when they hear the character voices and added effects.  Continue with this idea of being blind and making predictions throughout the entire story.  You will be amazed at the visions your readers/listeners will make.  It is now time for the little blind readers to open their eyes and see the pages, words, and interactivity come to life.  The second approach to using this book application in the classroom or at home will allow the users to see the words to this story/song as they are highlighted and guided along each page.  Now that the reader can see the pages, this might be a good time for various types of  questions from either the teacher or child.  For example, why did the mice think the elephants leg was a tree?  This book lends nicely to working on the 5 W’s (who, what where, why and how).  This time around, have students come up to the iPad and have them interact with the books images.  The endless smiles will be priceless.

Applicable2U definitely gives Wooley Cat’s Musical Theatre – Three Blind Mice on Vacation in Africa a thumbs up!!  Interested in seeing/hearing what stopped my son from playing, then be sure to visit your iTunes library to begin your download or you can see what other books that PicPocket Books has to offer.

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