Rain Go Away ABC’s

Rain Go Away ABC’s
Appbrella Inc.

It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring, he bumped his head and went to bed and he couldn’t get up until the morning.” No matter what time of year, this song will always come into a child’s head when they wake up on a rainy day.  What do parents think?  What should we do today, since playing outside is not an option. Appbrella Inc. has come to save the day!  Coming from the stand point of a parent for this review, Applicable2U was not sure if Rain Go Away ABC’s was really applicable.  Do we really need another application that reinforces the letters of the alphabet?  Our answer, YES!!  This educational app at first glance appears to be just an interactive alphabet in the form of flashcards, but it’s also a parents dream come true!!!

Appbrella Inc. is one of the many developers that are apart of the educational app recently launched Moms With Apps.  If you happen to have a young one of your own, are a nanny or even your school teacher, this application will definitely come in handy.  Once in the hands of a child, students can navigate through the app in two ways.  First, they can select a letter from the list in any order.  Within each flashcard there are a number of interactive pieces.  For example, the letter is announced when pressed.  Next, a users vocabulary begins to build once they click the image that begin with that letter.  Finally, with a shake of the iPad or iTouch objects will come alive.  My favorite is the letter “D”.  The more you shake, the more interactive that object will become.   The second way that a user can navigate through is by scrolling the alphabet in order.  If you happen to choose this method with your student/child, ask them if they noticed anything different on the cards each time.

Appbrella Inc. has taken into consideration that parents can have a part in a young child’s mobile learning experience in multiple ways.  The most obvious is that as the adult, you can witness your child/student beginning to recognize letters of the alphabet.  Together you can be surprised and share times of laughter at the interactive pieces.  As the child becomes more comfortable with the letters, it can also open up doors of prediction. Lets predict what other objects begin with a particular letter and what would it look like as an interactive flashcard.  However, what really sets this educational app apart from any other that we have seen is the TIPS.  These are not tips for children, they are tips for parents.  Tips of how you and your child can pass the rainy day away.  On a sticky like notepad, Appbrella offers ideas of non-technical things that you can do that relate to each letter of the alphabet.  SAMPLELetter N’s tip is to use uncooked spaghetti to make noodle pictures on paper.  Dye the noodles with food coloring for sensational squiggles! Just brilliant!  In the next version of Rain Go Away ABC’s, I think it would be interesting if parents could  share some of their ideas/tips with Appbrella.  In return, building a larger resource for parents on those rainy, cold, not so fun days.

Applicable2U gives this a definite thumbs up!  I am so happy that this is a part of our library.  If you would like to learn more about Appbrella Inc, be sure to visit their website.  Already know that this is a winning application for your family or classroom? Then go right to your iTunes library here and begin your download today!

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