Math Formulas: Reference Guide


Math Formulas: Reference Guide
by Mobile Formulas

Are you a high school teacher or parent of a high school student?  Wondering how you can support your child as they complete their math homework?  Math Formulas: Reference Guide is a very user friendly educational app with over 100 formulas adapted for those at the high school level.  Applicable2U happens to be an elementary educator, but this mathematical reference app is even one that we can navigate.  Mobile Formulas breaks mathematical topics into such categories as: Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Trigonometry, Probability & Statistics and Other.  Each category has a sub category which provides the user definitions and examples. So how might this be used in the classroom?

With the latest iPads out on the market, connect to a large screen projector and integrate Math Formulas as a whole group.  As a teacher, think of all the wonderful discussions that could be happening.  How does this stand out from other math reference guides?  A user can zoom in on a particular part, pinch the screen and your mathematical reference guide will enlarge.  In addition, users can “star” pages for easy access in case one needs to return to a particular page.  This educational app can also be used on the go individually with either on iPad or an iTouch.  Struggling with homework and in need of an alternative way to look at math, this could be the support that a user is looking for.  It’s a very simplified guide but what could be added?  A note to the developer – might it be possible to also include  a video option of  examples, representing it step by step.   Through my exploration, I just happened upon an example whose example applied the mathematical term to a real world situation.  Making this connection between math and the real world is an added bonus as an educator.  Users can finally see the importance of what is being taught.

Math Formulas will definitely be an educational app that is shared with our instructional technology team at the high school level.  We have begun the discussion of district apps that will be purchased and downloaded to those acquiring iPads or iTouches….this will be added to the table.  If you would like to learn more about Mobile Formulas be sure to visit their website here. For a  mere .99 cents you too can have a math reference guide at the palm of your hands by clicking in your iTunes library here.

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