Go Kids Save Paris!

Go Kids Save Paris!
by Fun Educational Apps

Chief Commander Froochapaka says, “Special Agent Applicable2U I am sending you on a mission. There is a diabolical plan being conjured up by the Gloopies. The Gloopies will be invading Earth and it is your job to Save Paris before the Gloopies gloop Paris to oblivion.  Are you prepared to take on this top secret mission?”

Save Paris! is the first in a series of kids travel games for ages 7 and up developed by Fun Educational Apps.  As you navigate through this educational app, you will find it to be very interactive, provide humorous characters and also very informational.  Within the Apple Store there are thousands of educational apps on the market, but how often do you find one that will turn you into a special agent that can travel the world.  There are so many wonderful wonders of the world that we might not necessarily see in our lifetime. With the help of Fun Educational Apps, your child or student can now experience France is whole new way.

As you begin each mission, there are a total of 10, you will be presented with a microfilm of information that will guide you through each level.  Be sure that you read this information carefully or else the mission might fail.  Once you feel confident with the knowledge that you have been provided, you will go on a matching hunt.  If successful, your mission will continue with a game similar to one that you might see at a carnival where you have to strike or “whack” objects, in this case, gloops and medicine kits.  Just be sure that you are on your toes as you loose points when you hit people.  Each successful mission will unlock a new one where you continue to learn more information about France while also stopping the evil colorful Gloopies!!!

As a classroom teacher, I could certainly see this fitting in nicely to a French class.  If an iPad were accessible, connect to a large screen and complete the mission(s) as a whole group.  Navigate through the informational pieces which could provide further discussions amongst the class.  What a great way to either introduce or reinforce a lesson(s) on France of such things as: information, word/phrases, and landmarks to name a few.   Another way that I see this playing out in the classroom is: with an option to add four agents, students could work individually via an iTouch and work at their own pace throughout each mission.  Or do you happen to home school your child(ren)?  If so, this would make a nice addition to a history unit as you begin countries of the world.

Applicable2U believes that this educational app can apply to you!  In searching for educational apps that are worth downloading, we would give this a thumbs up!!!  For those that have not or can not travel the world, this application provides a virtual field trip like experience in a fun way.  We are excited to see what other series are added in the future.

If you would like to learn more about Fun Educational Apps, please visit their website.  If we have tempted you enough and would like to begin your download, then click here to begin Saving Paris! now by going to your iTunes library today!

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