What Am I Farm

What Am I Farm
by Wonky Woo Games

Old MacDonald had a farm, Ee i ee i oh! And on this farm he had five animals. Ee i ee i oh!  Have you started to sing yet?  Wonky Woo Games wants you to see who is on their farm via your iTouch or iPad device.  While visiting the farm, your preschooler will go on 4 very unusual adventures.  What Am I Farm works on animals and their sounds through written and auditory clues.  With reinforcements and lots of repetition, your preschooler will be smiling, laughing and learning very quickly.

What Am I Farm is a continued series by Wonky Woo Games.  As you enter the application, you will be instructed to select one of four activities. Each providing a different experience that teaches your child about a cow, duck, horse, sheep, and pig.  As I look at two of the activities: Mixed Up and Peeka, it reminds me of two hardcover books that we read to our son.  Mixed Up has the user listening to an auditory clue that states one thing about the mystery animal.  Initially, they will see a funny look animal.  Based on the given clue, your child is to select that animals head, body and legs. Body part can be scrolled from left to right.  Mixed Up helps to develop a child’s visual discrimination of what appears correct based on other experiences with the application or even books that they have read.  If your preschooler has difficulty lining up the body parts, that is okay!!  As long as each part is there, they can the check their work by hitting the green checkmark at the bottom of the screen.  If correct, the animal will be named and fireworks will appear!!!  Peeka reminds me the Where is Waldo books.  These same five animals will be hiding on the farm.  It is your child’s goal to locate them by scrolling from side to side.  This activity works on memory, encourages vocabulary and also sound that the animal makes.  Peeka can continue on for a very long time, if the user so chooses.  Once found, animals will hide somewhere else on the farm.

Matching and Sheep Shear are the other two activities that What Am I Farm has to offer.  Both provide a little sense of competition with the option to better your score each time through a local and Openfeint leader board.  Applicable2U feels more comfortable with using just the local leader board for her preschooler.  While playing these two activities, your child will be working on their hand to eye coordination while also learning the names of animals.  Through continued repetition, which all preschool children thrive on, Matching and Sheep Shear will continue until the player asks it to stop.  As the reader, I am sure you can figure out what the game Matching does.  But are you wondering what Sheep Shear is?  I know we were when I was initially introduced to this app.  Well, it’s exactly as the name states.  Your preschooler will be shearing a sheep!!!  🙂  Colored sheep will pop up and it is your objective to shear that sheep as quickly as possible in 60 seconds.  Don’t be alarmed when you hear shouts of laughter once the sheep has been sheared!  Depending on what Apple device you have, this will determine how your sheep is sheared.  If on an iTouch, shearing occurs with the touch of your hand.  If however, you have an iPad, you can utilize the tilting capability of your iPad from left to right to move your sheep and its’ clippings.  Sounds funny but will provide your little one tons of entertainment as they take a break from the educational skills offered in the other activities.

Applicable2U is excited to see how my son will react towards What Am I Farm.  The application may appear simple but it offers so many necessary skills that children of all learning styles truly need.  Wonky Woo Games has designed this app for every type of child!  If you would like to learn more about this app and others by Wonky Woo Games, then be sure to click here.  Or you can begin downloading What Am I Farm now by clicking in your iTunes Library here.

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