How Many What?

How Many What?
by diLuna

Recently launched to your iTunes library, diLuna developers have created an educational app designed for preschoolers.  With the help of flashcards your child or student can work at their own pace to reinforce  number recognition and vocabulary development.  Developmentally our children are programmed to ask tons of questions.  So it seems fitting that diLuna apps chose the name as they did.  As your preschooler explores with How Many What? they will fall in love with the artwork by Giorgio Cavazzano.

So what sets this apart from other preschool flashcard math applications?  Right from the start, Applicable2U noticed that the developers chose a very different way to alternate between modes. Upon entering, a parent will immediately notice that in the bottom right hand corner of your Apple device there is an image which states how to obtain menu options.   Most applications have you selecting an information or home button in order to change options within the menu.  To set themselves apart from all other competition, diLuna apps has chosen to have the user tap with two fingers at the opposite edges of the screen.  By setting the menu options up in this manner, it will in turn avoid the accidental exit as your child or student is gaming for a reason.

How Many What? has four modes.  Level 1 – introduces the user to animals and objects with a visual representation and also word association. Simply tap the image and it will say the name of the animal or object.  Depending on the age level and ability level, some users might continuing using this mode for awhile.  Might it be possible to add in animal or object sounds that they make?  Level 2 – builds upon the basic introduction of each flashcard.  Here users will be expected to tap the image and match the word at the bottom of the screen.  If correct, users will be positively reinforced. However, if the incorrect word is tapped, it will read what was tapped and disappear, leaving the correct answer to be chosen.  Level 3 – continues with the vocabulary being developed but has now added in number recognition skills from 1-4.  A user must be able to understand the concept of one to one correspondence.  As they progress through this level, users will begin recognizing how numbers will appear in a group.  A note to the developer – might it be possible to add in the option of more numbers, maybe to 10?  Level 4 – once again builds upon level 3, however instead of actual numbers, users will need to match the written number to the picture.

Overall it’s a very easy educational app for a preschooler to navigate.  It builds upon necessary skills and is age appropriate.  In addition, this application offers as part of the download of How Many What? a coloring book file that can be emailed to whomever you would like.  To appeal to all audiences, diLuna apps will be creating this application in additional languages soon!  If you would like to learn more about diLuna apps, be sure to visit their website or you can begin downloading How Many What? from your iTunes library here.

One comment on “How Many What?

  1. Thank you very much for the great review!

    I’ll definitively look into adding real sounds of animals and objects in an upcoming release.

    Regarding the numbers available.
    How Many What? is an universal app. On the iPad, with a bigger screen, you will have numbers ranging 1-9.
    I didn’t want to sacrifice the usability and readability on a smaller screen such as the iPhone and therefore I limited the range 1-4 on that device.
    When running on the iPad the user can also choose more play modes, taking advantage of the bigger screen resolution.

    The diLUNApps Team

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