eSkills Learning: Analogies and Homophones

eSkills has been hard at work once again to develop two new educational apps: Analogies and Homophones. Are you one of the 39 states that has adopted the Common Core Standards Initiative? If so, then you will be pleasantly surprised to find that eSkills Learning has taken that into consideration when developing all of their apps so that it meets the needs of the latest educational movements.

With the help of a BINGO game, students will be developing their understanding of words and building a “word bank” in their mind of multiple ways to use words so as to vary their word choice when writing. Each educational app offers three ways to reinforce language arts skills: single or multi-player and practice mode. If a player chooses the practice mode, they will be given a choice as to how many questions they would like answer. While in the practice mode, there is no bingo board, just questions. If incorrect answers are chosen, a pop up window will appear indicating a wrong answer was selected. In addition, both are in line with reading levels using the Spache and Dale-Chall Readability Formulas. As users play, BINGO boards will change and answers might not all be on the board each time. Like any board game, it’s a matter of luck! eSkills Learning has designed their applications to be one that will keep the user continuously coming back. Learning and reinforcement of language art skills never ends. As Applicable2U likes to say, “Gaming for a Reason!”

eSkills Learning Analogies can guide students throughout their educational experience. It works on Antonyms, Synonyms, Descriptive, Part to Whole, Category Collection. Whether you have an iPad or an iTouch, Analogies could be incorporated in a variety of educational settings. First, it can integrated in a classroom as either a whole group or individually. However, before Analogies can be incorporated into a lesson or put into students hands, there does need to be some forms of direct instruction from the classroom teacher. Once students are familiar with the meaning of an antonym and synonym, can make connections between words and are able to describe words in various ways, let the bingo game begin! As mentioned earlier, exploration and learning can happen in multiple ways. Depending on the number of devices and the needs of each class will determine how it is incorporated. What Applicable2U likes is that it can be implemented throughout a lesson or unit and each experience will be different for the user or users. In addition, it encourages students to see words in multiple ways which will enhance their writing skills as well. Although Analogies is designed as a game, students are being given a great deal as well that they can apply in all areas of their curriculum. With the knowledge of various word choices, students writing will be more descriptive and provide those reading a visual picture of the story that is being told. If you are an educator that happens to home school or tutor students preparing for college exams or that just needs academic support, then this educational app will certainly be an excellent resource. To support educators further, eSkills Learning has developed a “Guide for using Analogies”. You click here to download.

eSkills Learning Homophones works on building a users understanding of homophones in context. The english language is a funny one. There are words that sound the same, but are spelled differently. For students to truly understand what homophones are, it is important that they apply it within a sentence. I am amazed at the number of students even at the fourth grade level who still get confused between the words”which and witch” when writing. If a parent and/or a teacher had Homophones available on either Apple device it would be interesting to see how their writing has changed after having implemented this type of mobile learning. Prior to exploring with Homophones, a user will notice that it is broken down into 4 levels of difficulty. Levels of difficulty are color coded: red, blue, green and purple. Each color represents a reading level based on the Spache and Dale-Chall Readability Formulas ranging from 2.0-5.9. It is important to note, that only teachers and/or parents are aware of the meaning behind the colors. Bingo games are tailored to meet the specific needs of each user whether playing on their own or with a partner. To support educators further, eSkills Learning has developed a “Guide for using Homophones” You click here to download.

Applicable2u thinks that any download from your iTunes library from the developers of eSkills Learning is a smart one. It truly meets my educator and parent motto of “gaming for a reason!” Learning is actually being disguised as students try to compete with themselves or a partner. If you would like to learn more about the developers at eSkills Learning, be sure to visit their website. If these are the needs that you happen to be looking for, then begin downloading Homophones and Analogies from your iTunes library today!

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