Play with the Phone

Play with the Phone
by TUKU Logics

Applicable2U would like to introduce TUKU Logics to the educational app world.  Recently they developed and launched to iTunes an educational and fun app designed for children ages 2-4.  Like most children of this age, they enjoy playing with not a “pretend or play” phone but rather mom and dad’s real phone.  So it seems fitting that TUKU Logics chose their first apps name to be Play with the Phone.  We have explored this applications capabilities and how it can apply to you.  Like most educational apps designed for this age level, the skills reinforced are typically the same.  It is all in how the developer decides to present this information.

Play with the Phone is divided into five educational fun activities for your little one. Each activity is like a small game board that repeats as you progress.  With verbal reinforce and very simple, yet appealing graphics, your child will begin developing academic skills very early on.  To navigate from activity to activity, a user can either swipe the iTouch/iPhone devices screen or they can use the arrows in the upper right hand corner.  For this age group, I would suggest that they use the swiping option since their fine motor skills are still developing.  As children’s interest levels change, it is important to note, that activities can be played in any order.

The first activity that the user will experience is Find the Color. Oddly enough, as I look at this game, I immediately think of the balloon carnival game where you have to through darts at a particular color. The objective of this activity is to pop the colored balloon that the voice is calling out.   If correct, she will verbally reinforce the user.  However, if they have chosen the wrong balloon, nothing will happen, thus allowing them to try again. Unless another activity is chose, Find the Color will repeat and the balloons will be rearranged for continued reinforcement of colors.  If numbers are your children’s thing, then they will want to play with Find the Number game.  With the appearance of a telephone like screen, children will be reinforcing numbers 0-9. Initially a child could be learning and reinforcing their numbers, but as they progress, they could also be developing another skill.  With the support of a parent, a child could be learning their phone number in case of emergency.  It might be important to also introduce,  the asterisk and number sign symbols for visual recall and word recognition.

If your little ones loves anything on the go, then Find the Vehicle will be their new game of choice. With six different vehicles from a car, ambulance or fire truck, your little “go getter” will be in their glory.  A user will hear the word, select the vehicle, be reinforced if correct and then hear the sound that the automobile makes. The sounds that the automobiles makes  will truly make your child smile.  Again, this activity will repeat with different board options to continue to transportation fun.  Applicable2u hopes to see additional forms of transportation in future updates.  The next activity of choice is the Find the Letters activity.  Here the user will be learning and reinforcing capital letters from A-Z.  A letter will be announced and the user is expected to locate and tap it, if correct, it will verbally reinforce your child.  If they happen to be incorrect in this activity, users will hear a buzzing sound indicating a wrong answer.  This is a good introduction to letters of the alphabet.

The last activity is a totally different game that Applicable2u thinks will set TUKU Logics apart from all other educational games for children ages 2-4.  Their last and final activity is one that is called, Find Someone.  Applicable2u thinks it is similar to those baby photo album books that allow you to insert an picture and share with your child those that love them.  Before playing this activity, a parent needs to customize the preferences so that the activity will work.  Upon entering the application, a parent will see two orange buttons, customize and start.  By clicking customize, you will be able to upload 9 images from either your photo gallery or if your Apple device has a camera, an on the spot picture.  In addition, you or the family member can record a voice which is then associated with that picture.  Once these preferences have been set, your child can know play, Find Someone.  By implementing the combination of both audio and visual representations, your little one will truly be surprised.  Images and voice recordings can be set back to default to share other loved ones.

Play with the Phone offers a number of pre-academic skills that are necessary for our young population.  In addition, it provides tons of smiles through repetition, reinforcements and familiarity of those that love them.  If you would like to learn more about TUKU Logics, be sure to visit their website by clicking here.  Or you can begin downloading this kid friendly app by visiting your iTunes library here.

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