Wonders of the Old Ancient Timeline

Wonders of the Old Ancient Timeline
by iHome Educator and Knowledge Quest

Ever wonder if your students truly understand the progression of historical events and when they occurred in time? What background information do they have on kingdoms, empires, artifacts and inventions? Where do those terms fall in time as it relates to the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas? Well “wonder” no more! A recent collaboration between iHome Educator and Knowledge Quest, have brainstormed together to develop an historical timeline of events reference application for the iPad. This very user friendly and eye appealing educational app is called Wonders of the Old Ancient Timeline. Applicable2U has been flipping through time and thinks that this reference guide is applicable to a multitude of people: educators, parents, and even those that call themselves a “history buff.”

With the large screen of an iPad which is then connected to a desktop computer, history classrooms will transition. From learning through a boring lecture of information to a visual representation as it flowed over time. Upon entering Wonders of the Old, a user will see all time periods and events associated with a particular location. If you happen to be studying one region not to worry. Simply pinch and zoom to a specific period in time. By clicking the images, time periods, informational bubbles and regions, users are then navigated to a browser like window. With the support of Wikipedia, users can be certain that resources are valid and will further enhance and/or reinforce the curriculum. Wonders of the Old Ancient Timeline can be used in both a whole and small group environment. It can be implemented throughout various parts of a unit or lesson. In addition, it can also be used as another form of research for students when writing reports, and sharing or presenting information. From our experience thus far in the Apple store, this is the first in depth research like app that we have come across. Just as technology is changing so is the way that we do research. Knowledge whether new or old, is truly in the palm of your hands, just in the format of an application. Another positive that Applicable2U sees in Wonders of the Old Ancient Timeline is that it provides the necessary information for building a bibliography or works sited page.

What can Wonders of the Old Ancient Timeline do for you? With the implementation of the social studies curriculum across many grade levels, the incorporation of technology, and the development of library skills, the collaboration between these developers is a definite home run! If you would like to learn more about iHome Educators or Knowledge Quest be sure to click the developers links.  Or you can you begin downloading Wonders of the Old Ancient Timeline by clicking here from your iTunes library.

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