Archie and the Mysterious Sphere

Archie and the Mysterious Sphere
by Antletics

Lets go on an adventure with Archie, an adorable ant.  An interactive book with a Bugs Life (Pixar movie) feel, children will fall in love with the first episode of Archie and the Mysterious Sphere, that bedtime won’t come soon enough at the end of a very busy day.  Who knew that on a sunny morning in May, that Archie’s day might not be as he had expected when he woke ready to play.  Come join Archie as he travels to the land of Fair-a-Way to find this mysterious sphere.  As we see it, it’s a book that takes the perspective of things as something small.

As mentioned in a previous post, interactive books can be for the youngest of children and the oldest of adults.  One should never shy away from downloading an interactive book as it might open a whole new world of reading for those that struggle and for those that can’t put books down. Archie and the Mysterious Sphere is wonderfully narrated and will certainly keep you looking for more. It encourages questioning, offers the reader to make predictions, provides opportunities for laughter and smiles, while also incorporating some pieces of interactivity. Applicable2U has read a number of interactive books, but Antletics offers some new design options that we have not yet seen.  At the bottom of each page lies a small head, Archie’s head.  By clicking that image, the reader is provided with a menu bar of reading preferences.  Such choices include starting and stopping the narration, turning off the sound and the narrator which then provides the reader the ability to read on their own.  In addition, it also has a magic wand that when pressed will share with the reader those objects that will come alive within the page.  Once preferences have been set, simply click Archie’s head and the menu bar will disappear.  As the narrator tells the story you may also notice words on the page highlighted in yellow.  There is no particular rhyme or reason to those words highlighted. When a user taps the highlighted words and sees a magician, this will indicate a definition box. While other boxes might be accompanied by a silly image, like an Ant Captain Hook or a even Darth Vader.  These boxes will share silly or random facts that the reader might be interested in knowing.  Reading incorporated with a little humor a nice added touch!

Since this is the first episode of eight, Applicable2U doesn’t want to give the mystery away.  Just know that at the completion of episode one, you will be on the edge of your seat to know what happens next with Archie as he travels through Fair-a-Way.   Using your own prior knowledge or connections, Archie and the Mysterious Sphere will truly be an enjoyable read.  Applicable2U gives episode one of Archie and the Mysterious Sphere, two antennae up!!!   We are looking forward to the upcoming episode apps in our iTunes library soon!  I would recommend that you visit Antletics website to learn more about them. You can also begin to download the first episode from your iTunes library here for only .99¢.

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