Monte-Lingual 1 to 10

Monte-Lingual 1 to 10
by Continuous Integration Inc.

According to the Montessori International Index, the Montessori teaching method is one that observes and supports the natural development of children.  This particular educational method builds upon creativity, problem solving and critical thinking skills.  Continuous Integration Inc. has developed an app that  utilizes the Montessori method as a way to teach the concept of counting from 1 to 10.  Disguised through a game like format, children will not only learn to count but they will also be developing language and recognition of number words through auditory and visual reinforcements.  Although Applicable2U’s educational background or professional development experiences have not focused on the Montessori method, I was still intrigued to see how Monte-Lingual 1 to 10 might accompany not only  Montessori, but also a public school and homeschool educational setting.

For those that follow a Montessori model, please forgive me if I happen to use the wrong terminology as I explain the educational aspects of Monte-Lingual 1 to 10.  With a very child friendly and clean design, Monte-Lingual 1 to 10 reminds me of the game mancala.  This educational app provides continuous learning for your preschooler or soon to be kindergartener.  Prior to learning, a parent will want to set the educational preferences.  Continuous Integration has thought of many options so as to keep the learning ongoing. For example, there are three modes of playing: Discovery, Match and Quiz.  Regardless of which mode you choose, you can also set your native language and the types of marbles that your child would like to use.  In addition, you can turn the speak, spell and music to either  on or off. If you child happens to like a particular song, you also have the option to customize your playlist.  This customized playlist is a nice added to touch which will further encourage your little one as they begin to learn or reinforce their numbers in a new or native language.

Discovery Mode is the beginning or introductory level.  In this mode, the user is in control of what number is to be explored.  By simply dragging a colored marble from the left hand side to the open space, it will then move on its own to the empty tray.  Each time a new marble is placed, the colors will change.  While discovering, users will be reinforced in several different ways to see a number: hearing the word, seeing the word written out, the actual number, and  through marble and hand representation. At the bottom of the screen is an adorable person like marble.  As you add marbles, his fingers will also represent that number.  Another nice added touch!

Match Mode attempts to challenge the user. Within this mode, the person like marble tells which number the user needs to match.  As the user is dragging and dropping, his speech bubble will explain how many more is necessary to make a match.  Once the match has been met, a user is given verbal reinforcement and can then move on.

Quiz Mode is a reinforcement option of the two earlier levels.  Within this mode, the application will drop marbles into the top tray.  Users must match the visual representation with the actual number.  They will be provided with 4 choices to choose from.  At the completion of level 1, which requires three correct answers, your little one will then unlock a new marble set that they will have access to within the user preferences.  As you move within levels, the necessary number of correct answers will increase.  Keeping the challenge on!!

If you are a part of a Montessori school or not, Monte-Lingual 1 to 1o is a very age and academically appropriate in any educational setting.  We love that it not only teaches number recognition of your own native language, but it also opens up the opportunity to learn another language at a very young age.  If you would like to learn more about Continuous Integration Inc, be sure to visit their website here. Currently, Monte-Lingual 1 to 10 app is 50% off in your iTunes library, begin downloading today!

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