A Present for Milo

A Present for Milo
by Ruckus Media Group

   Drum roll please!!!!! Ruckus Media Group has teamed together with illustrator and author Mike Austin, on an interactive book for your iPad device, A Present for Milo. Ever wonder what your cat does during the day to keep themselves occupied?  Most people would think they play with cat toys or sleep.  In this story, Milo’s cat toy is his family of mice friends.  Through a crazy cat and mouse chase a story is told.  One might think of the animated show of Tom and Jerry, but with a twist. These two have only friendship and admiration towards one another.  A Present for Milo will not only entertain you, but it will also warm your heart. Since its launch to the iPad, A Present for Milo has received two awards, the About.com Reader’s Choice Award and a Mom’s Choice Award.  Knowing that information, Applicable2U had to see what all the buzz was about and how this interactive book could apply to my family and yours.

Not only is Mike Austin the illustrator and author but he is also the narrator as well.  This interactive story truly takes advantage of what people are calling the iPad playground.  As your little one reads this book, they might not feel as though they are reading a book, but rather watching a movie. With outstanding illustrations, sound affects and animation, children ages 2-5 will want to add this application to the top of their book list.  As your little one approaches the pre-reading stage, A Present for Milo, is easy enough to follow along through the use of repetition, animated pictures and words,  your child(ren) will soon be reading the book to you.  Although the narrator is reading, you too can become an integral part of the book. As you read, be sure to tap various objects on each page.  Magically your finger can become a magic wand.  With a simple tap, you can play the piano, animate various picture frames, fly a rocket ship, and even take a picture.  What more can you ask for in a book that provides your child(ren) smiles, laughter, and yes, even learning!

With an adorable twist at the end of the story, users will be understand the significance of the title.  With the help of our two friends, a lesson will be learned.  No matter what your interests are, what stereotypes have been set, the bond of a friendship can happen between anyone – people or even animals 🙂 When an interactive book offers opportunities to explore both independently and as a family, that encourages the skill of predicting what will happen when the page turns, and teaches a lesson, that is a home run.  Children will expect that in future interactive book downloads as it has sparked their love of reading.  If you would like to learn more about Ruckus Media Group, please be sure to visit their website here.  Or you can begin downloading this well written and developed app from your iTunes library here.

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