eSkills Word Structure

Word Structure: Prefixes, Suffixes and Root Words

If you have been following Applicable2U since our launch, you already know that eSkills Learning can make a mark in a variety of educational settings. With valid resources based on the Common Core Standards, teachers can feel confident that by downloading one of their apps to your iTunes library is applicable2u. So what have they been up to now? To add to their collection of language arts educational apps, eSkills Learning has recently launched Word Structure: Prefixes, Suffixes and Root Words. B – 39….it’s time to learn and/or reinforce academic skills with a little BINGO.

Word Structure will guide the user to better understand multisyllabic words consisting of word bases, prefixes, and/or suffixes. How are you currently presenting this somewhat dry language arts skill to your second through sixth graders? Are you standing up at the front of your room in a lecture format? Are you looking for an alternative way to present? With three modes of play, users can truly challenge themselves with each experience. Regardless of which mode chosen, Word Structure offers four levels of difficulty: Affix Meaning, Find the Base Word, Find the Affix and Make a New Word. Unlike other educational apps, eSkills Learning supports their users (teachers and yes, even parents) with an instructional guide. Applicable2U is excited to share various scenarios as to how this educational app might look within a whole and small group setting.

Practice mode: a teacher might equate this mode as level one, possibly still teaching or in need of supplemental materials for a small or large group. If your group is still struggling with word meanings even after several mini lessons, connect your Apple device to your computer and project on a large screen. As a group, set the necessary number of questions to answer and let the learning begin. Randomly, select students to read questions and three choices. Prior to answering, have students share personal strategies of defining and remembering affixes (prefixes or suffixes). As strategies are offered and continued reinforcement occurs in “practice mode”, users should try to apply this learning with a current book they are reading. As they come across unknown words in context, recall those skills shared with the help of eSkills Learning Word Structure.

Single Player mode: as confidence is developed, a user could individually work in the classroom or at home to continue their understanding of multisyllabic words. Learning is presented as a BINGO game as they play against the computer and different with each experience. As a user plays in single player mode, they truly take hold of their own learning and understanding of the level of difficulty chosen. The concept of word structure maybe presented within an academic setting in grades 2-6, but it’s a skill they will need throughout their entire lives.

Multiple Player Mode: confidence has been acquired and now it’s time to see how user(s) do against each other. With nearby Apple devices that have been synced with Word Structure, let the competition begin. Students can safely host and/or join the BINGO game once those devices being used have turned Bluetooth capability on. How many educational apps do you know that incorporate this type of mobile learning?

eSkills Learning designs educational apps that enriches students from late elementary to middle school with the intent to prepare them in the present and for the future. To learn more about eSkills Learning and their recent launch of Word Structure, be sure to visit their website here. If decoding words is an area of need for your child(ren) or student(s), then begin downloading Word Structure: Prefixes, Suffixes and Root Words from your iTunes library here.

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