Vinny vs the Curse of the Incas

Vinny vs the Curse Of the Incas

By Robochan

Its time to stimulate your mind with an app for your Apple device that has the feel of an oldie but goodie electronic light up game, “Simon.” Vinny vs the Curse of the Incas is categorized as an educational app because it develops ones concentration and memory. Designed for late elementary to middle school users. It is intended to challenge those using, yet rewarding as you successfully defeat a nasty curse. Navigate from San Francisco to the Peruvian jungles of South America while playing six memory games. As you explore, you are no longer some random person, you are now a special agent working alongside private investigator, Vinny and his friend, Cheeks. Unfortunately, Vinny has amnesia and needs your help. He needs your help to solve various puzzles in order to defeat the curse of the Incas before it’s too late. So what’s your memory quotient?

Unsure of what memory quotient means? No worries! The memory quotient refers to three types of memory skills that this app will test: spatial, sequence and set memory. Your memory quotient will be calculated as you play: List Memory, Scramble, What Doesn’t Belong, Repeat After Me, Tile Matching and What’s Missing. Before the adventure can begin, add your trainee name to the file by clicking the picture of Vinny. This interactive mission can have multiple trainees. As a family, play Vinny and the Curse of the Incas. As achievement awards are received, see whose memory quotient is the best. Your travels can occur in one of two ways, quick play or adventure mode. Try not to panic when frustration sets in. The developers have taken this sense of “giving up” into consideration. To relieve some built up tension, simply click the question mark in the lower right hand corner. Here you will find quick, yet very useful tips or suggestions for both parent and user. Like anything in life – practice, practice, practice!!

Applicable2U is impressed with the direction of learning that Robochan has taken. With eye appealing artifacts or graphics, a school connection can be made as trainees recall their study of the Incan empire. An app which stimulates the brain as it strategically works on your concentration and memory, skills which can be applied in school and at home. Vinny vs the Curse of the Incas keeps you coming back for more. Applicable2U will continue to keep an eye out for future updates. We noticed Vinny’s note on his desk stating that a store was coming soon!!! If you would like to learn more about Robochan, please visit their website here. If you are looking to increase your concentration or to develop memory strategies, then begin downloading Vinny vs the Curse of the Incas from your iTunes library here.

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