Sticker Suduko

Sticker Suduko
By apps4ikids

What connections do you make when you think of stickers? For Applicable2U, memories of collecting, sharing and of course, receiving from a parent or educator. Now stickers are making a new connection, as logic puzzles. Apps4ikids has recently launched a child friendly version of suduko not with numbers, but stickers. With adorable animals like a cow, dinosaur, peacock, and pig, logic puzzles couldn’t be more fun. Now your little one and yes, maybe even some adults will be addicted to Sticker Suduko on any Apple device.

Although this application may not necessarily meet curriculum standards, it does stimulate ones brain to problem solve and to implement logical strategies from puzzle to puzzle. Upon entering, users are to select a rolly polly animal sticker with big eyes from a scroll bar. To turn this into a family game, have each member choose a different sticker. Once selected, a random 4×4 puzzle will load. Boards are preloaded with some “locked stickers.” Initially, for those younger players experiencing Sticker Suduko for the first time, they might find it helpful to use the developers tutorial. Simply click the question mark button and visually, users will see what makes a successful puzzle. Logically, users will develop a better understanding of various vocabulary such as: diagonal, vertical, horizontal and corners. An added component that Applicable2U loves about this game is their mode of incorrect answers. If a sticker is incorrectly placed, it will be turn upside-down in the box. To fix, simply drag and drop the sticker out of the board. Puzzles are timed, although it is not obvious which enables users to strategically plan each move rather than cause frustration. If you successfully complete a puzzle, your initial chosen sticker will be placed on a leader board. The leader board is a recent update to the application and will show how each sticker has faired in terms of number of wins, the average time to solve each puzzle and your best time. As this information makes sense to those playing, a little personal and family challenge could make Sticker Suduko on the list for the next family game night!

Apps4ikids designed this application with their 5 year old in mind. Although testing occurred before its launch, they are still actively updating. Recently, Apps4ikids also added more puzzles. In a future update, I wonder if puzzle locations could change to something other than the hilly area. The added anticipation of where the animals will go next might be entertaining for the younger population. In addition, as a particular user is successful, do the boards become more difficult? To extend the challenge further, as needed of course, might there be an option to add a larger puzzle than 4×4 to further the logical thinking necessary to play this game.

Applicable2U has Sticker Suduko on their iPad and iTouch. The sounds that are heard as my own 5 year old plays this game are priceless. Download this application today and see how your child’s mind will develop and how laughter will fill a room as your Apple device extends into family time. To learn more about apps4ikids, please visit their website here. Or you can begin downloading this addicting game for all generations by clicking here.

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