The Invention of Wolfie

The Invention of Wolfie
by MobileVision and MobileJuice 

If you have a little inventor on your hands you will certainly want to download and read this original story written by Belgian actrees, ianka Fleeackers. A book inspired by her own little inventor, Wolfie, who is 5 years old.  The Invention of Wolfie is an interactive book designed for your iPad device. With the wonderful components that the iPad has to offer, illustrator, Pim Braeckevelt’s artistic talents can provide a well balanced mix between reality and cartoon.  The Invention of Wolfie is not only original in its story, but it is original in how the story plays out. The developers have blended together an interesting mix of storytelling and interaction by providing the reader the ability to help Wolfie tell his story.

At an early age, book time is modeled through adult interaction.  Whether books are electronic or hardcover, the conversations that will be had between the two of you will encourage your child(ren) to read on their own over time.  With his scuffed knees and ruffled hair, Wolfie immediately made me think of my own 5 year old who likes to call himself the “good creator.” In the evening while Wolfie sleeps, he dreams of his fantastic inventions that he hopes one day will come to life.  As we read, Applicable2U was pleasantly surprised with the direction that the book was about to take.  This ability to change the direction of the story each time it is read.  Along the way, you will be asked to make choices, entertained by the graphics and sounds as you complete various puzzles, play a variety of short activities, and enjoy moments of laughter.  With his invention mentors, Leonardo di Vinci and Isaac Newton, and us the reader, Wolfie’s laughing machine will no longer be a dream but rather a reality. What will your laughing machine look like?

Overall, Applicable2U enjoyed this interactive book.  As it is read and discussed, we wouldn’t be surprised if your little ones creative side comes out that was not there before.  A book that sparks ones imagination and opens the creative doors for our younger population is a wonderful component to any book.  Applicable2U would love to see how this book could be incorporated into a classroom setting.  We have suggested to the developers and author that an open ended question be the last thing that readers see.  To also integrate the option to highlight words as the author reads so that new readers can follow along with the story and their pictures.  Applicable2U could certainly see this book implemented and modeled during a pre-kindergarten or kindergarten circle time activity.  Children love to tell stories and it might be interesting to see what story they create after having read The Invention of Wolfie.  Depending on age level and the time of the year, individual inventions could be illustrated and shared or students could develop their own original story just as the author did.

The Invention of Wolfie would be a wonderful addition to any book shelf at home or at school.  If you would like to learn more about ianka Fleerackers be sure to visit her website here.  To begin on this wonderful adventure of creativity and invention then begin downloading The Invention of Wolfie from your iTunes library here.

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