Bubbling Math

Bubbling Math
By Tappy Taps

If you aren’t a part of the Twitter world, you will want to begin today. It’s how Applicable2U found our next educational app to review. Bubbling Math was recently launched in the App Store last week. A math application that will encourage your student or child to love math in a fun way. There are several apps out there that work on the four operations, however, Bubbling Math has set themselves apart. It will provide an early experience for those in kindergarten and support/reinforce those in 1st-5th grade. In addition, parents and yes even teachers will gain valuable information from the “parent report card” of user success.

Graphically appealing with a very kid friendly design, the youngest of users will be able to manipulate as they develop addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  Lets explore math as we visit the countryside, islands and snowlands.   The countryside is your first stop on this fantastic trip of math.  As you successfully play, new locations will be unlocked.  Before exploration can begin within Bubbling Math, users, parents and educators should be aware that this educational app is here to help in a variety of ways. For example, within the parent options, game speed can be changed with each experience from slow, normal and fast. In addition, games and results can be reset as users become more familiar with number facts within each operation.  Having the ability to reset games and results shares with all parties the progress that has been made over a period of time.  The math wizard report card provides parents and educators a very clean and clear break down of where struggles have occurred which will guide future instruction in the classroom or with a parent.  Applicable2uU loves the “Siskel and Ebert” thumbs up and thumbs down way of sharing correct and incorrect answers.  Differentiation of instruction is extended as tasks can be configured to meet the “tappers” needs. Each math operation has four levels of difficulty, ranging from easy to very hard.  With one or more quick tap, simply select those mathematical area(s) that you want to focus on.  As math concepts are presented and learned, Tappy Taps is aware that a users mathematical understanding or level of difficulty may vary.   To appeal to all learners, a student or child’s mastery level can be set differently within each operation. Now that the preferences have been set, it’s time to travel the countryside.

Magic Glade is the first stop of 9 levels of exploration.  An adorable wizard will guide you on your untimed tour as you develop a solid understanding of the four operations.  As problems are solved correctly, he will verbally reinforce the user with a quick shout out of some kind and with a tap of his magic wand, a trophy will begin to form.  However, if incorrect answers are tapped, users will loose a heart which will bring tears to the wizards eyes.  If at anytime a user wants to change something about his/her experience, simply press the pause button in the lower left hand corner.  Here sound or music can be turned off/on.  If tasks appear to be too challenging, simply press the operations button in the lower right hand corner and levels of difficulty can be changed.  A note to the developer – As we explored, a few questions did come to mind.  Might it be possible to add a scratch pad like option that would allow users to work out the problem with those strategies taught in the classroom.  In addition, I wonder what possibilities might be made available to classrooms incorporating iPads by allowing multiple accounts within the application.  If incorporated, might a teacher be able to then email or share results with parents upon their request or even during conference time(s).

Overall, Applicable2U loves how Tappy Taps has extended a very basic mathematical concept to meet the needs of several grade levels in just one download.  Bubbling Math provides the user a positive and fun math experience, which will guide them to solve multiple digit problems, when ready of course, within all operations in a rote fashion.  To learn more about Tappy Taps please visit their website here.  Already “bubbling” over the possibilities that this application has for your home or classroom, then begin downloading Bubbling Math by visiting your iTunes library here.

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