Sam Phibian

Sam Phibian
by 3CD

It’s time to go on an adventure through the swamps with our frog friend, Sam.  Appropriately titled, Sam Phibian, will engage children in preschool through kindergarten as they experience a very clever counting game that not only works on a number of mathematical skills but also a user’s hand eye coordination. After only two days in the Apple Store market, Sam Phibian has already been mentioned in the “New and Noteworthy” section.  Currently, it is FREE, so be sure to get it while you can at this discounted rate. So what is all the hype over this educational app?   Sam happens to be a picky eater, so it is your goal to read what is “on the menu” for each meal of the day and feed him only those things that he wants.  If Sam happens to eat too much, the wrong type of fly or a random object, some very goofy things will happen as he becomes too big for his lilypad.  For this age group, it’s a nice mix of academics with opportunities of laughter and fun.

Prior to entering the swamps, Sam’s meal is revealed through a visual and numeric representation.   At each meal, users will simply tap the screen to trigger Sam’s tongue to grab the correct number and colored fly.  Accommodations are made within this educational app as it provides support for various learning styles and needs. Such support would be the tracking and/or reminder of the flies needed for that meal in the lower left hand corner of the users screen.  However, I wonder if an option to read particular items (directions upon entering the swamp or unknown numbers) might be added to guide those just learning or to reassure students.  With success, each meal there after will become more challenging thus turning those options mentioned above off.  Through auditory sounds and visuals, users will know when correct and incorrect answers have been selected.  The tracker menu at the bottom will place a green checkmark as tasks are completed.  If extra flies or incorrect flies are chosen, users will hear a buzzing sound and checkmarks will turn red causing Sam to become slightly bigger with each incorrect answer.  As you navigate from one area of the swamp to another, flies will begin moving a lot faster and meals will become more complex, so users need to pain attention.  If you are not paying attention, Sam could be given quite a surprise!

How might this be integrated into a classroom or home setting?  Applicable2U can envision this educational app set up within a “technology center” for children to use as they work on numbers.  We do wonder how many levels users will experience as we noticed upon exiting and re-entering that games are not saved.  In addition, we noticed that with repeated use that each experience appeared to be the same.  Although repetition is wonderful, would it be possible for users to experience different numbers with each return visit. While at home, Sam Phibian would be a wonderful way to reinforce what is happening in the classroom.  While on the road, in a restaurant or waiting at the doctor’s office, Sam will encourage learning and fun as he hops along with your little one to develop appropriate mathematic and hand eye coordination in order to execute certain tasks.

Overall, Applicable2U gives Sam Phibian a thumbs up.  Regardless of those “wish list” items mentioned above, Sam Phibian would be an excellent addition to your Apple device.  Through wonderful graphics, visual aides and various challenges, various users will find this app appealing.  If you would like to learn more about 3CD, please visit their website here.  To begin downloading this currently FREE application now, simply click here for your iTunes library.

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