Numbers League

 Numbers League
   by Bent Castle Software

EXTRA!!! EXTRA!!! Read all about it.  The streets of Infinity City are looking a little gloomy.  Why?  A “number “of villains are  on the loose.  For those that are intrigued by superheroes , it’s time to hero up with our friends from the Numbers League.  Originally a tabletop card game, Bent Castle Software has recently launched for the iPad device with an operating system 4.3 or later, the Numbers League.  With a comic book like feel, it is an educational app that encourages individuals to solve math problems strategically while working with a variety of numbers. In a very unusual way, users will design their own superheroes as a way to nab the villains before they take over Infinity City.  Whether you are 5 or 45, Numbers League will stimulate users both educationally and emotionally.

Upon entering, Applicable2U was immediately struck by the graphics presented.  The line up of our team of superheroes truly reminded me of the Super Friends or Super Hero Squad that my son adores.   There are several math apps currently categorized under Education that develop and reinforce the concept of numbers as it relates to the four operations (+, -, x and ÷).  What makes this application different from other operation apps?  Play can be done solely or with as many as four friends or family members. Watch out though as three robots of varying skill levels may also enter the game. Simply take on a secret identity in appearance and even your name and let the capture(s) begin.  With appropriate music and sound effects, users can play in dynamic, fast or simple mode.  In addition, hints and timers can be turned on or off which will assist all learning styles.   With a variety of game types such as: Minion, Sidekick, Hero, Hero Plus and Superhero, users will be challenged academically while having fun.

Regardless of game type, the streets, which can be viewed as your game board, are filled with numbered villains.   Unlike any other app, the math appears as superhero trading cards divided into three parts: head, body and legs.  Together these three pieces equal the total sum which should match a villain’s particular number.  As game play progresses, trading cards are  collected and can be combined to take down as many villains as possible. When building your unusually powered hero, parts can be locked into place as others are spun in order to obtain the necessary numbers.  Just keep in mind that this option of re-spinning can only occur twice within each round.  As a user succeeds and moves from Minion to Hero and beyond, additional features will be added which can guide or help ones strategy of play.

According to latest Infinity City Chronicle, Addiplication is the unstoppable force that all villains dread!  Mathematically, how are you going to save the day?  Whether you are a parent, educator or home schooler, the Numbers League is very applicable to you! If you would like to learn more about Bent Castle Software please visit their website here.  In order to begin this incredible adventure and capture the interest of all types of learners through the support of ones imagination and mathematical strategy, then download Numbers League today from your  iTune library here.

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