eSkills Nouns

    Minimod Nouns

As the summer comes to an end many educators are putting their “teacher caps” back on and beginning to plan for the coming months. If you are questioning how you might integrate your particular grade level curriculum as it relates to mobile learning, then think no further. eSkills Learning development group has a wide range of language arts, reading and math apps available.  The most recent addition to their collection is Minimod Nouns for any Apple device.  With a very user friendly design and a game like format, children won’t even realize that their language art skills are being put to work.  One of the many things that Applicable2U likes about the Minimod apps is that they are designed for both tutorial and competitive opportunities. In addition, no educator or parent needs to worry that while experiencing eSkills Learning apps that their child is playing a “mindless” game.  Activities are directly correlated to the Common Core Stands, state testing standards as well as the core curriculum which builds the foundation for understanding sequential skills.

If you are familiar with other eSkills Learning designs you know that interaction occurs as a bingo game.  With this particular app, users will be reinforcing their nouns through four levels of play. Level 1 – Person, place, thing or idea.  Level 2 – Common or Proper Nouns. Level 3 – Concrete or Abstract Nouns.  Level 4 – Collective or Compound Nouns.  Regardless of which level, play can occur in multiple ways.  Users can play on their own as a single player, with another user as each users are on their own device with Minimod Nouns app loaded or in practice mode.  The learning experience doesn’t end with one use of the application.  Within the multiple player option, users can either host or join a session of Minimod Nouns.  Within your Apple device settings, Bluetooth capability must be set to on in order for the game to begin.  There is no need for panic in this mode, it is completely safe as users can only interact with other local devices with this particular app.  Within each level, simple directions are provided along with a sentence and a missing word.  Through a visual representation and three choices to choose from users will be reinforced with both positive and negative feedback.  Answer choices are labeled with the bingo format (ie. 48A or 2B) and can be found on the game board.  If you happen to forget or not pay attention to that label there is a touch window/box for recall.  Similar to the real world version of Bingo, some numbers may not appear on the game board, thus extending the game for continuous reinforcement.

Overall, Applicable2U truly feels this educational app would be an excellent addition to your Apple device.  The only suggestion that we might provide to the developers for a future update is the ability for those in practice mode to have a definition window of some sort pop up.  If users are struggling it might indicate that they are unaware of other types of nouns besides those of: person, place, thing or idea and common and proper nouns.  As indicated earlier, eSkills Learning apps are designed for learning and reinforcing and a definition reminder might just do the trick.  If you would like to learn more about eSkills Learning, please visit their website here.  Already a fan of the Minimod apps, then begin download Minimod Nouns here to add to your iTunes library.

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