Princess Piano

  Princess Piano
     by Dented Pixel

  Musically inclined, I am not, but many others are.  So Applicable2u felt that it was important to share with other educators and parents the importance of apps that encourage children and yes, even adults, the world of music.  About a month ago, Dented Pixel brought to the Apple Store a rare find.  An educational app that offers a book like feel with an added twist. It is very simply called Princess Piano and can be played on your iPhone or iPad device. This elegant little princess once lived on Cloud Kingdom.  As of late, she is now living among a different world due to the evil witch, Beatrice Dafowl.  Thanks to her magical ballet slippers, Princess Piano was unharmed.  Although Earth is a wonderful new place to explore, she wants to return to Cloud Kingdom.  While exploring this application you will become a musician, learning how to read musical notes as you play on the piano. Let’s pirouette our way into Princess Piano’s world to help her return safely home to Cloud Kingdom.

What kind of musician are you?  Do you need to take things adagio or slowly?  Or are you familiar with musical notes that you can move allegro or more briskly?  Regardless of the type of person you are, this application can appeal to many.  It has been referred to as a “girls” application, but Applicable2U feels that some boys might be able to get past the beautiful princess and gravitate towards the main idea which is the musical part of the application.  If your little one is a sequential, follow the rules kind of child, then you will want to begin with the “play game” option first.  Here users will be provided a short story and directions on how to play.  As a user succeeds within each stage, Princess Piano will be that much closer to going home.  Levels of difficulty are labeled as: Beginner, Advanced and Virtuoso.  Within the beginner level a great deal of support will be provided. For example, keys will flash, as well as notes and keys will be labeled, and a 60% or better is required in order to earn rewards.  In the Advanced level, keys are still labeled but it is now required that musicians earn an 80% or better in order to move on. While in the Virtuoso level, users must get 90% or better in order to advance.  Players will be reinforced with a score card at the completion.  As users progress, stars will be earned, thus unlocking things that Princess Piano might need along the way.   Such things might include adorable dresses, cute shoes, and sweet accessories.  As your collection gets bigger they will be stored in the “dressing room” area.  Here users will go from being a musician to a fashionista.  Dress Princess Piano however you would like.  In Applicable2U’s opinion, Princess Piano is an application that makes many transitions.  It tells a brief story or fable, you learn how to read and play music as a way to finish this fable and gain the happy ending that we all love.  In addition, it has a puzzle like feel as you explore in the dressing room.

Through a users exploration, they will become more familiar with each note, thus allowing them to begin writing their own songs.  To do so, it might be time that your little one plays in the “song maker” mode.  Here songs can be saved and reloaded for future use.  With the option of notes and the ability to change the BPM’s (beats per minute), parents and educators might see a whole new side of their student or child.  Not sure if you like what you created, simply click the preview button.  Notes can be altered and deleted as you see fit.  Who knows your little one might just become the next great song writer.

Applicable2U would give this musical application a thumbs up!  It is certainly worth the download as it encourages children to love music in a whole new light!  Each child shines in a different way when it comes to their education.  Some are jocks, others are artists, mathematicians, scientists and yes even musicians.  With school budgets in jeopardy, specialty programs like music are usually the first to get cut.  Let’s not take away from our children those skills that open different educational opportunities.  By downloading Princess Piano to your iTunes library today, you will be supporting the art of music! If you would like to learn more about Dented Pixel, please visit their website here.

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