iLearn With Little Pim

  iLearn With Little Pim
     by Tribal Nova

  It always amazes me how young children are able to soak up another language so quickly.  No matter where you in the world, more and more homes are integrating multiple languages being spoken at home.  Whether you are a one or multiple language family, Tribal Nova recently launched iLearn With Little Pim.  With the support of Pim, a fluffy and adorable panda, your little one will be on their way to learning the basics of spanish.  If you are familiar with Tribal Nova educational apps, then you are aware that Little Pim is designed for children ranging in ages from 3-6 years of age.   An educational app compatible with an iPad device, users will play along in three areas: wake up smiling, eating and drinking and playtime.  Each area has been broken down further into 3 sections:  Level 1Nouns, Level 2Verbs and Level 3Phrases.  In building their educational apps, Tribal Nova’s main objective is to give each user a chance to learn at their level of learning. With that in mind, along the way users will be provided a great deal of repetition, as well as verbal and pictorial reinforcements. Learning a language couldn’t be more fun.  You will be amazed at what your little one will soak up in a short period of time.  

Upon entering the application, users will see Pim standing in the lower right hand corner wearing a yellow satchel.  This satchel is for collecting those things the user finds or learns.  Pim is a growing panda who loves bamboo.  With each correct answer more bamboo is added to Pim’s satchel. Regardless of which area of learning your child would like to explore, they may not skip levels.  Learning is progressional with simple nouns learned first which is then added with an action and then put into a sentence.  As a way to reward your child, your soon to be spanish speaking child will know how they are doing based on a visual bamboo like graphing chart.  It is important to note that within each level users will be expanding their spanish dictionary by 6 or 7 words/phrases. Even after each word/phrase is introduced, repetition and further exploration can certainly be had.  Level 1 activities are designed to show individual objects.  Once word(s) are introduced, repetition and learning occurs as a matching game. Additional objects are placed on Pim’s table as a way to challenge your little one.  A note to the developers – might it be possible when introducing the word and picture that there could be an option to record the child saying that word.  In addition, might it be possible to click on the image which would say the word in english in case they are unable to recognize and make a connection with the spanish speaking word.  If there were an options button, this english speaking component could be turned on/off based on the users needs.  Level 2 activities incorporate an action word which might be associated with those words learned in level 1.  Here Pim is acting out the action for further reinforcement.  It is the users job to match the spanish speaking action with a coordinating picture.  If further support is needed, Pim will repeat the action needing to be found.  With the sound of magical chimes, users will know that they are correct.  However, if an incorrect answer is chosen, Pim will just repeat the desired action with no negative reinforcement incorporated.  Within level 3, activities are developed even further.  Users will now be re-introduced to words/actions taught in levels 1 and 2 as it is put into a sentence.  Like in the other levels, a matching game is incorporated, however, with a users success an extension activity is now added.  The opportunities for continued learning just keep coming with iLearn With Little Pim.

With very age appropriate activities that are well progressed, graphics that are appealing, an adorable friend to play with and lots of reinforcement, Applicable2U can’t wait for the next foreign language app that Tribal Nova has to offer.  It is an educational app that will appeal to many.  Soon you will be amazed to see what happens the next time you are on the playground or in the kitchen what new words/phrases your little will connect.  If you would like to learn more about Tribal Nova and their other applications, please visit their website here.  To begin downloading iLearn With Little Pim today, please click here to add to your iTunes library.

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