Motion Math Zoom

Motion Math Zoom
by Motion Math, Inc.

With a variety of animals, both ancient and those more familiar, children will be encouraged to learn their numbers with the help of an interactive number line. From the creators of award winning iPhone and iPad applications, Motion Math Zoom was launched this past summer and is zooming out of control, in a very positive way!  It is eye appealing to all age levels and supportive for both parents and teachers in so many ways.  With the ability to add what appears to be an unlimited amount of users, this educational app can be customized to meet the mathematical needs of all academic levels.  Are you looking for a new way to integrate your Apple mobile devices into the classroom?  Are you and your students bored with the old way of introducing numbers and the importance of place value?  Well, according to research done by Motion Math, this intriguing application makes flexible mental computation, numerical estimation, and quantitative judgment possible in a most visually appealing manner.

It is important to note that when downloading Motion Math Zoom initially you are viewing the lite/free version. Without having to spend the money, developers thought it might be worthwhile to “wet” your educational palette to make sure that this was the concept you needed to reinforce.  With the lite version, you will be able to unlock 6 levels of play.  However, as in app purchase, users could have access to a total of 24 levels of number play.  As you zoom in and out, users will experience a variety of numbers ranging from 1-1000, negatives, decimals in the tenths, hundredths and thousandths as well as a challenge mode.  By simply scrolling from side to side and pinching your fingers in and out, users are expected to pop a numbered bubble into its correct place on a number line.  With the help of logical mathematical skills and estimation, users will need to know when it’s time to pinch, zoom or scroll.  In doing so, users will be surprised to see the transition that the number line will take.

There are a number of outstanding academic support systems in place that Applicable2U truly loves that Motion Math Zoom chose to include.  Initially in our exploration, I played like a teacher/parent that had the background knowledge of numbers and place value.  As I progressed through the game, I noticed stars being earned due to the way I was playing based on my speed or that I had the “bubble popping” needle set to on.  As our exploration continued, I decided to see how the experience would change if I put my student cap on. Indeed it did change and I was pleasantly surprised!  As I navigated through the introduction, I stumbled upon a wonderful feature.  If you are familiar with what is called “wait time”, children tend to need time to process what is placed in front of them.  If given a number and unsure where it belongs on the number line, interaction with the mobile device may lag causing this wait time.  With this lag came some amazing features.   For example, a pointed finger appeared at the bottom of my number line indicating what type of motion needed to take place.  In addition if further wait time occurred,  a written explanation was added to the screen “Move the frogs to 20.”  The last type of support that we noticed was a small bubble wand appearing on the left hand side which I could click on thus blowing out a bubble which asked and also spoke “Want help?” This would be an excellent opportunity for a teacher or parent to step in to provide their student or child academic support through the use of questioning and additional reinforcement.

Overall, Applicable2U feels that Motion Math Zoom is a winning application!  It truly provides an educational support to those on the go or in a whole/small group instruction setting.  Whether you are a teacher/parent of a regular or special education child(ren) or happen to be a homeschooler, it is time to zoom in. If you would like to learn more about Motion Math Zoom or any other Motion Math, Inc applications, please visit their website here.  Are you ready to zoom along the number line, then begin downloading Motion Math Zoom to your iTunes library here

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