The Pirate’s Treasure

The Pirate’s Treasure – A Memory Game
   by Wombi

It must be a pirates weekend as this is our second review of an interactive pirate app.  With Halloween just around the corner, taking on the role of an alternative character as one plays on their mobile device sounds like a lot of fun.  Several weeks ago, many in the app world were celebrating “Talk like a Pirate Day.”  During that time, The Pirate’s Treasure memory game app was brought to our attention.  With a five year old running around, game playing is all the craze.  Applicable2u was excited to experience and review an alternative way of playing a game with my son.  Recently updated, The Pirate’s Treasure – a memory game can be viewed on all Apple devices running iOS 3.1 or later. This interactive game allows you to choose from 8 different pirate friends, three levels of play and can be experienced in 14 different languages. No matter how old the user might be, participants will be challenged throughout as they play individually or with a parent or friend.

Overall, this memory game application is very easy to navigate from beginning to end.  Before the treasure hunting can begin, users must select their favorite pirate.  As the adorable pirates wave their hands back and forth as if to say, “pick me, pick me,” users can scroll through their options by simply swiping left to right over each pirate.  Along with choosing their “game pieces”,  users will need to decide what level of play will take place. Levels can be changed by clicking the wooden board at the top of the screen.  Through each level, a users memory will be put to the test.  Level one is the simplest mode of play where they will be presented with a 5 by 2 array.  The middle ground mode, level 2, will be a 6 by 3 array game board. Finally, level 3 is the most challenging as users will attempt to make matches with 30 skull and cross bone coins to choose from.  If choosing to play with another friend or family member, Wombi Apps figured out a way to avoid possible arguments of who goes first.  Keeping to the pirate theme, the first play is chosen with the spin of a compass.  Wherever the directional lands, this will determine who goes first.  If a player makes a match, then they get to go again, however, if wrong, then the other player gets their turn.  Pirates will be able to see how well they are doing as coins are stacked next to them.  The game ends once all matches are found.  The one with the most matches earns a treasure to put in their treasure chest.  A note to the developers – after successfully completing each level, might it be possible to have a distinguishing gem or treasure that could be added after each win. Along this memory journey players will become familiar with a whole other language outside of those designed by the developers.  Players will soon be talking like a pirate!  In addition, players will become familiar with those items that a pirate encounters while on the high seas.

Whether you are playing together at home, waiting in a restaurant or playing individually while driving in the car, Pirate’s Treasure – A Memory Game is definitely one of our new favorites.  Are you looking to add a new application to your device that will provide your child(ren) with logical and memory skills?  Then Applicable2U is offering one lucky reader a promotion code.  The first to become a new subscriber of Applicable2U and comment within this review will receive an email from me and directions on how to add Pirate’s Treasure – A Memory Game to your Apple device.  If you would like to learn more about Wombi Apps and the many other educational apps that they have to offer, please visit their website here.  Did you miss the offer but still want to download Pirate’s Treasure to your iTunes Library, then simply click here to begin talking like a pirate today!

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