Gus’ Little Coin

Gus’ Little Coin

Are you a collector of shoes? Stickers? Stamps? If so, then it is time to go on an adventure, not as a human being but as an object, a little coin.  As we see the crazy antics that La Petite Piece goes through, wonderful messages are shared with those reading.  Such lessons may include: awareness towards diversity through inanimate objects and ones willingness to try new things.  Gus’ Little Coin will strike the hearts of all ages.  It is an adorable, musical and heartwarming ebook for any Apple device running iOS 3.2 or later.  In addition, Gus’ Little Coin can be read in both English and French.  Through the use of  vibrant illustrations, an enthusiastic set of narrators, and brief moments of sitting in an auditorium of a musical, all a listener will need to do is sit back and relax. A reader may choose to have the story read to them or to read independently.  David Herschel is not only the narrator, but he is also the co-author and the musician behind those calming sounds of the music that was coming from my iPad.  From the very first page, Applicable2u was able to make a connection with the main character, Gus.  Like Gus, I too collected coins from all over the world.  With all the “hustle and bustle” of a hectic work day, story time is one of my favorite parts of the day that I get to have with my son.  As it incorporates new vocabulary and a whole new language for my own little man, Gus’ Little Coin is a wonderful addition to your mobile bookshelf.

There are a number of components that Zanzibooks has added that intrigues us to make future purchases of educational apps/books designed by this development team.  As the title page of the story is previewed, users will notice a menu bar pop up and disappear at the bottom of the screen.  It is here that users can change the spoken language, to navigate pages with the help of a scrolling index, and to start/stop the story at any time.  This story can be viewed/read in multiple ways.  With this ebook in the palm of your hands and one simple click of the play option, those just learning to read can be supported by a parent and the narrator.  With this particular population though, it might be useful to see in a future update the ability to have words highlighted so readers can follow along with the story as well.  In addition, it might be interesting to have the option to tap on unknown words.  Once tapped, a small box pops up with an image/definition for further reinforcement.  This would allow for extended conversations with a parent and/or an educator.  As a more fluent reader, one can now choose to not incorporate the narrator, but to swipe from page to page at your own pace. Unfortunately, this reading mode does take out the wonderful sounds and animations and focuses more on the reader comprehending what is being read.  A note to the developer – might it be possible to add a finger to word, highlighting feature.  In addition, if a reader stumbles upon an unknown word could they make some kind of gesture on the device that would say the word for them?  Regardless of whether Zanzibooks takes Applicable2U’s suggestions, this ebook for your Apple device is certainly worth the download.

As a teacher, I could certainly see Gus’s Little Coin incorporated into a classroom setting. Through the writing process, children are to make connections, incorporate details and voice, all of which is a part of this book.  As a group and projected on a large screen, the teacher could read this story, begin a discussion on such topics as: collecting, letting things go that are important to each student and diversity.  Through this discussion, a whole new adventure could begin in the eyes of each student as they begin to write their own story.  The potential academic skills that would be reinforced and/or developed are incredible.  If you would like to learn more about ZANZIBOOKS, please visit their website here.  Or you can begin to follow La Petite Piece on her adventures around the world today by downloading Gus’ Little Coin from your iTunes library here.

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