Petunia Pepper’s Picture Day

Petunia Pepper’s Picture Day
  by PicPocket Books

Are you working on the letter of the week, looking to read an adorable book, or are you trying to share with your class examples of alliteration?  Regardless of what your goal is, Petunia Pepper’s Picture Day by PicPocket Books will cover them all.  An original story written by Cathy Breisacher and illustrated by Christian Elden, is now compatible with your Apple device and can be enjoyed everywhere you go.  This interactive book was shared with me just as my son’s kindergarten class was reviewing the letter P, so it was an excellent addition to our evening routine.  Whether your child(ren) are reading or listening to the crazy antics of this perfectly passionate little girl Petunia, readers will immediately make a connection to the story.

Applicable2U is no stranger to the book apps that PicPocket Books has to offer.  As you read this and all their other mobile reading applications, viewers will notice that a users experience can change depending on ones reading level. For example, readers or parents have the ability to turn highlighted words on/off and to set the narration to on/off as well.  As a child becomes more familiar with words and sounds, some parents or educators might see children finger pointing or guiding them as they read to keep them in line with the story.   A note to the developers – might it be possible when the narration is set to off that a user could tap an unknown word that is then read to them.  Since stories are revisited multiple times, such an option would support them along the way as they become more independent readers.  This interactive book not only makes a connection with the reader, but it also provides multiple opportunities to discuss new vocabulary and/or examples of alliteration from page to page.  If my son’s classroom teacher were incorporating this book during a group share, she could ask students at the end of each page, what words did you hear that began with the letter P?  To extend on this concept, if Petunia Pepper’s Picture Day were connected to her computer and then projected onto an interactive whiteboard, those words that students recall could then be underlined and further discussed.  Applicable2U is always impressed when an interactive book can incorporated in a variety of environments.

As you read this comical book, readers will have opportunities to make predictions of what is to come when they turn the pages of Petunia’s day.  Will their predictions be right?  One might say, how much worse could things get for Petunia?  Come along and see how a simple picture day turns into a life lesson for our sweet little Petunia.  With PicPocket Books, you will be looking, listening, touching and learning all along the way.  If you would like to learn more about PicPocket Books, please visit their website here.  To begin downloading Petunia Pepper’s Picture Day, simple click here to add to your iTunes library, you won’t regret it!

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