by Maplekey Company, LLC

Does your little one love to tell stories?  As an adult we always love to share all kind of stories. Well now it is possible to tell those stories with the help of Maplekey Company and their recent launch of Picturebook applications for your iPad device.  It is an educational app that will spark ones imagination and creativity as it develops a users writing skills.  Reading is such a critical part of ones home and school life.  Now with the help of this mobile application, readers can put their imagination to work and become an author of their own creation(s).  Picturebook app provides the user a very simple and easy to navigate design.  At no cost, developers have offered the user(s) with three preloaded stories, a “how to” book on making your own story, a small library of images and two options for book covers.  With these few tools, writers can begin setting the stage as they add in characters and tell a story along the way.  As your little author gets older, you will be amazed at how their stories will change as they incorporate various characters, a setting, a conflict and resolution.  The added bonus, stories can then be saved to your device and viewed multiple times.  In addition, stories can also be shared with friends and family.

While exploring with this application, a variety of experiences were coming to mind for children and adults of all ages.  For those just learning to explore books, Picturebook would be an excellent addition to your iPad device.  Their first creation could simply be a book of their favorite clipart.  With the help of a parent, you could add a text box under each item. This opportunity would provide your little one the feeling of flipping their virtual book and a wonderful experience of developing vocabulary as they bond with you.  With what appears to be an unlimited amount of pages, your child’s story can be as small as 2 pages or similar to the length of a novel.  Interactively, clipart can be manipulated with a twist, pinch or double tap.  Very quickly images can extend from one page onto the next.  As you or your child’s story develops, images can be layered to give the feel of a 2 dimensional story. For a small in app purchase, additional images and/or covers can be added to your device which is then stored in “My Stuff”.  For those developing a more complex or detailed story, a variety of genres could be incorporated as this application is used within a classroom setting.  At this time, there is no recording option or sound, however, this would be an excellent addition for a future update. Such an experience would guide those struggling to read, a way for a far away friend or family to hear academic progress and a basic reinforcement of  reading skills.

From the parents point of view, I would love to use Picturebook as a way to scrapbook my child’s life while we are on the go.  It would be wonderful if the application had a connection or ability to choose from my photos library.  By having this application at the palm of my hands, all kinds of stories would never be missed.  The possibilities are endless with this creative application.  Applicable2U feels that this storybook application is applicable to you and should be added to your iTunes library.  To learn more about Maplekey Company, please visit their website here.  Or to begin telling your story today, simply click here to add Picturebook to your iTunes library.

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