The Scariest Halloween Story Ever!

The Scariest Halloween Story Ever!

by 3CD

When my 5 year old son saw the candy corn icon on my iPad desktop several weeks ago, he was so excited to see what it was all about, until he heard the title, The Scariest Halloween Story Ever.  You could see by the look on his face that there was some uncertainty as to whether or not he wanted to proceed with our normal nightly reading routine.  An interactive book that tells an adorable story which is narrated by none other than, Candy Corn Man.  When reading users will be able to interact with each page in a variety of creative ways.  That initial sense of scariness will suddenly turn into belly laughs that you so love to hear from a child.

For Applicable2U, The Scariest Halloween Story Ever is definitely on the top of our Halloween story list.  Candy Corn Man is cleverly draw as he is equipped with oven mitts, a mask and a candy corn emblem on his chest.  It is his job to protect those reading this 3D like interactive book from the scariest things ever.  It is a Halloween story like no other.  Navigate each page with a simple click of what else, a candy corn.  Interested in rereading a page, with a quick flip of the candy corn, readers can now go back to a particular page.  The laughter, smiles and enjoyment can continue on.  Like other interactive books, 3CD did include the options of setting narration and sound effects to on/off, however, this is a book that truly makes it with these options set to ON!  Prior to beginning our review, we asked our trick or treater what his favorite part was.  Hands down, the ability to click on a drawing of YOU that suddenly looses an article of clothing.   With interactive features like a spotlight, throwing meatballs, chalk drawing, amazing sound effects and so much more, the Halloween spirit will certainly be felt from beginning to end.  Overall, The Scariest Halloween Story Ever offers a different approach to storytelling with your child selecting options of how one should proceed or not.

Although Halloween has passed, The Scariest Halloween Story Ever is one that your little one would love to hear no matter what time of the year it is.  If you would like to learn more about 3CD and the other educational apps that they have to offer, please visit their website here.  If your son/daughter loves super heroes, then why not add Candy Corn Man to your iTunes library repertoire.  Click here to begin downloading The Scariest Halloween Story Ever to your iPad

One comment on “The Scariest Halloween Story Ever!

  1. thanks for the wonderful review… We’ve just released an update to “The Scariest Halloween Story Ever!” (2.0) we hope you’ll enjoy it this halloween.

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