Billy and the Snowman HD

Billy and the Snowman HD

by wotnot

This time of the year is one of my favorites.  There are so many traditions that families partake in.  It’s also that time of the year when your nightly routine includes reading classical holiday stories.  What favorites are on your list or mobile device?  Recently introduced to Wotnot of  Ever After Productions, Applicable2U chose to download and read their interactive book called Billy and the Snowman HD on this chilly December evening. It is an original story written by Chris Ventress and Gina Draz.  Immediately you are introduced to an adorable main character and his big blue eyes, Billy, who learns an amazing lesson about the meaning of giving to others. It’s a Christmas tale that gives their readers the feeling of a paperback holiday activity book full of  two dimensional graphics, a great deal of interactivity, a variety of sound effects and animation.  As Billy prepares for an exciting holiday season, he can’t wait to explore the outdoors as he has a snowball fight and builds a snowman.

Billy and the Snowman HD incorporates a number of features within this interactive book that will appeal to many.  Like most interactive books, it includes three reading modes: Read to Me, Read by Myself, and Auto Play.  With navigation arrows and home buttons, the littlest of fingers will be able to navigate from page to page.  As the narrator reads, those listening can use the magic of their finger to bring each page to life.  As your child(ren) explore this magical world of reading, they will be stunned as what will be unveiled.  As you, the narrator or  parent/teacher reads,  be on the look out for a red present button.  This unknown gift  feature will unlock a “short reading break” as the reader virtually builds a snowman and decorates their very own Christmas tree.  A thought for the developers – it might be interesting in a future update to include building a gingerbread cookie when Billy’s mom is in the kitchen rolling out her dough?  In addition, a nice feature that most parents and teachers like to see in interactive books is the option to turn highlighted words on/off.

Some might say that Billy and the Snowman HD  initially appears to be a Christmas story, however, it is so much more.   It is a book that can be read with a parent and yes, even within a classroom setting.  From the point of view of both a parent and a teacher, Applicable2U was pleasantly surprised to see the connection to the classroom that Billy and the Snowman HD could offer.  Simply connect your iPad device to your computer which is then launched on a larger screen, read aloud time will suddenly change as it steps into the technology world.  Throughout the story, parents and educators can ask comprehension questions, brainstorm predictions of what will happen next, and listen for various rhymes on each page.  Those rhyming words heard can become apart of a larger word wall.

This is the time of the year that we attempt to teach our students or children compassion towards others, to appreciate what  they have.  Initially, Billy is like most children, however, with one simple activity, building a snowman, he realizes something more important.  With only days left till Christmas and many other religious holidays, Applicable2U definitely gives Billy and the Snowman HD two thumbs up!! If you would like to learn more about Ever After Productions, please visit their website here.  During tomorrow’s Holiday App Friday which is hosted by Moms With Apps, Billy and the Snowman HD will be specially priced.  Be sure to visit Moms With Apps by clicking here.  If you miss this offer, don’t panic, you can still download it to your iTunes library by clicking here.


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