Tales2Go – Happy Holidays

Tales2Go – Happy Holidays

by Tales2Go LLC

Our next review comes on the heels of Applicable2U’s one year anniversary.  Almost a year ago Applicable2U began this blog based on a conversation that was had with those at Tales2Go.  Through their encouragement my role as a parent and a teacher was intertwined with the app world.  So it seems fitting to be wishing Tales2Go a very happy holiday as we review their most recent update to their already well known Pandora like app for children.  If you are familiar with the original version of Tales2Go, then you know that it provides children and adults a great deal of enjoyment as they read on the go.  Since being introduced to Tales2Go, they have been awarded two very prestigious awards: Mom’s Choice Gold Award and the Parents’ Choice Gold Award(R).  Their latest creation, Tales2Go – Happy Holidays was released right before Thanksgiving, a perfect time to begin hearing the sounds and stories of the upcoming holiday season. No matter where you choose to read: in the car, at school or in the comfort of your home, Tales2Go and Tales2Go Happy Holidays are applicable to you.

When deciding on whether or not your child(ren) or students should be accessing books via your mobile device, you may want to read and share the following article – The Listening Benefits of Listening as sited on the Scholastic website.  As children hear stories via their mobile device, they are engaging and interpreting the story with the animated tones and sounds as the narrator reads.  This form of reading encourages children who typically are not found reading.  It develops their listening and comprehension skills in another format as it drives them to be more skilled readers.  This version of Tales2Go – Happy Holidays provides listeners access to a library of 20 holiday stories for a meer .99¢.  A resource filled app that will provide your “countdown to the holidays” child 30+ hours  of enjoyment.  With one simple download, the stories are now yours to keep.  This version does not require a subscription, however, after using it, readers will want more.  You will pleased to see such classical stories like: A Christmas Carol, The Night Before Christmas, or The Gift of the Magi.  The library that is offered with Tales2Go Happy Holidays will appeal to all age levels.  Stop all the bah! humbug! and take a break with your child(ren) or students to hear the story of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.  Does your child love to watch Clifford the Big Red Dog on television, then come listen to the crazy things he and his friends will get into as they hear Clifford’s Christmas.

Are you stressed over all the things you need to do in the next two weeks? Then take a break with your child as you explore Tales2Go Happy Holidays. You will not regret it!  As you finish up your holiday shopping, why not add an educational app to someones list.  Gifts with a meaning, reading for a reason is what Tales2Go and Tales2Go Happy Holidays will provide.  An application that will keep giving.  If interested in seeing a full list of the authors and books available on either application, simply click here.  If you would like to learn more about Tales2Go, please visit their website here.  If you are about to embark on a short or long car ride or just need some encouragement towards reading, then begin downloading Tales2Go or Tales2Go Happy Holidays to your iTunes Library today.

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