Picture Me Christmas Cutie

Picture Me Christmas Cutie

by Oceanhouse Media

How often do you hear your child saying, mommy/daddy, look at me.  Take a picture of me!  Well with the help of technology and Oceanhouse Media, your little one will be screaming “cheese” when they know they can actually be a part of a story!!  Recently launched for this holiday season, Picture Me Christmas Cutie, a creative book about none other than your little cutie all decked out for the holiday festivities.  With the help of your devices  camera and a library of photos, your son or daughter can be one of Santa’s elves, a Christmas bear, the next Frosty the Snowman, a mouse, or even one of Santa’s reindeers.  Currently being offered at an introductory price, .99¢, this personalized book can be experienced on your iPhone, iTouch or iPad device running iOS 3.1 or later.  With high quality photography as the artwork, life like sounds and a variety of animation, children ages 1-5 will experience a variety of emotions as they hear or read this story.

Applicable2U has reviewed a number of books by Oceanhouse Media and will continue to be a repeat downloader of their applications.  As a parent, this development group incorporates a number of features that will appeal to many.  Immediately viewers will notice how this universal app takes advantage of the sharpest, most vibrant resolution capabilities of your Apple device.  With the ability to add up to eight photos, personalizing this interactive book could not be easier.  Choose the camera button and readers will be able to take a new or use an older photo which is stored in the photo gallery.  Once chosen, photos can be dragged to reposition, pinched to zoom in/out, and rotated if necessary. Each reading experience can be different.  Photos can be replaced, not incorporated this time around and can include all members of your family.  Make Picture Me Christmas Cutie the next “Who Loves Me” book for your littlest of ones.  Although they may be too young to understand the words, familiar faces all dressed up will certainly make an impression.  Once they see themselves and their family members as they turn from page to page, the smiles and laughter that you and your child will experience as they become a Christmas cutie will be priceless!  It will become a part of your holiday nightly routine.

For those emerging readers, Picture Me Christmas Cutie  at first glance it may appear childish as the main characters are babies with their cooing and giggling sounds, however, it is so much more than those adorable sounds that a baby makes.  In the palm of their hands it becomes an interactive leveled book.  As the story is wonderfully narrated, pre-literacy skills are incorporated as words are highlighted which guides them from beginning to end.  To become a successful reader, emerging readers begin with leveled or staged books, similar to Picture Me Christmas Cutie as it incorporates repetition and may require a picture to text connection.  While listening to the narrator, young readers will be able to interact with objects in such ways as: dragging and eating a cookie or licking a lollipop, and make connections with those toys that are in Santa’s Workshop.

Read Picture Me Christmas Cutie with the help of the narrator or turn the sound off and read it yourself.  Regardless of how it may appear, it is an interactive book for  non-readers and new ones too!  My little cutie wanted to experience this book in a variety of ways and over and over again.  The pleasure that he got out of reading and seeing himself as part of a book was worth the download.  If you would like to learn more about Oceanhouse Media and the other applications that they have to offer, please visit their website here.  To begin making your own interactive Christmas cutie, click here to add to your iTunes library today.

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