by KidsAndBeyond, LLC.

Is your playroom a huge mess?  Do you have storage baskets of some kind ready to be used, but they just are not getting used?  Do you want to help encourage organizational skills with your son or daughter?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you will want to add SimpleSort by Kids And Beyond to your Apple device.  Not only will the exploration and implementation of this educational app support your at home need, but it will also be meeting a number of mathematical benchmarks at the kindergarten to pre-first grade level.  Designed specifically for your iPad device running iOS 3.2 or later, SimpleSort can be experienced in both English and Spanish.  Come meet animated friends, the Clever Clouds, as they have made a big mess and they need your help.  With very clear and concise directions, cleaning up could not be more fun!

Upon entering the application, users will be introduced to two adorable helpers, the Clever Clouds.  With a brief story to share, the clouds have accidentally knocked over their buckets.  They don’t know where everything belongs and they could use your experience of sorting familiar items that you have in your own home, school, refrigerator or yard.  Whether you get to play with Mr. or Mrs. Clever Cloud, sorting can take place in two ways: untimed or timed.  User can choose from 13 pictured buckets ranging from nature, people, shapes and instruments to name a few.  Depending on your level of understanding of items, vocabulary or visual preference, users can categorize up to six buckets or as few as three. Once 3, 4, 5 or 6 buckets have been chosen, your support is now needed by the Clever Clouds.  Immediately both parents and children will notice that the sorting page is visually appealing.  At the top, sorters will see those buckets that they chose, underneath they will see items that needs sorting.  Graphics are eye pleasing, however, if a player is unaware of an object, they can tap the item and Mr. or Mrs. Clever Cloud will identify unknown objects for repetition and cognition.  If you and your little are looking to learn a second language, then this feature will certainly come in handy.  The objective of the game is to drag and drop each item back to where it belongs.

While playing in the untimed mode, there is no cause for frustration. As you use your fine motor skills to navigate each item, incorrect drops simply return back in line, whereas a correct answer drops items into the basket and disappears.  Once all items have been sorted, you will earn a magical star.  A note to the developers – as “sorters” finish a game, might it be possible to have a button that would return players back to the baskets page rather than the main menu.  If a user decides they want to change language, then the blue backwards arrow could be selected.  If you are up for a personal challenge, then be sure to select the timed mode.  In this mode, your end score will posted on a scoreboard that is broken down into the different sorting combinations: 3, 4, 5 or 6.  With return visits, try to improve your score within each bucket combination.  How quickly can you sort and categorize?

Overall, Applicable2U gives SimpleSort two thumbs up!  It is improving a number of necessary mathematical skills, while it encourages fine motor skills, as it develops a wide range of vocabulary and awareness in multiple languages.  It certainly meets our criteria of gaming for a reason.  If you would like to learn more about Kids And Beyond and those applications that they have currently in the App Store, please visit their website here.  If you would like to begin encouraging a playful way to sort, then click here to download SimpleSort to your iTunes library today for only .99¢.


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