Buildo Museum Sticker Book

Buildo Museum Sticker Book


A childhood memory of mine that I will never forget about was my infatuation with collecting stickers and storing them in a peel and seal photo album.  Stickers for Applicable2U was like collecting postcards from family vacations that we had been on.  Having these sticker books were my pride and joy that I shared with friends and family.  Back then stickers meant one thing only; were they scratch and sniff, fuzzy, or glittery? Today, sticker books mean so much more and JAJDO AB developers have brought back my childhood connection to all Apple devices running iOS 3.2 or later.  Recently launched and is currently free until February 6th, Buildo Museum Sticker Book can encourage children ages 1-9 to build their creative side as they manipulate Cartoon Network like stickers while they visit three imaginary museums. As the creativity develops, parents and/or educators can sit back and watch and observe.  More importantly, they can communicate with their student or child as they ask leading questions on the elements of their story: characters, setting, and a story line.

This concept of sticker book stories began with Buildo Rescue and Buildo History.  The story continues as Buildo Museum is the third book in the series.  Come jump into three virtual museums: a laboratory, art and historical museum.  Before the history can begin, it would important for young fingers to understand how to build and manipulate their creation(s).  Visit the “Mums and Dads’ Zone” in the upper right hand corner of the main menu.  Here storytellers will see how to play with their stickers as they observe the drag, flip, rotate and resize visuals. A note to the developers – might it be possible to click on these “how to play” icons that would allow users to practice each of these motions prior to entering a museum.  Although storytelling and creativity are the key concepts of the application, building and reinforcing ones fine motor skills is also very present.

There are a number of features that Applicable2U likes about this age appropriate app.  It provides users a large library of stickers as it applies to each museum that is chosen.  As the story begins to be built, users will hear unusual sound effects that stickers will make as it is placed into the scenery.  Let the fun begin as your child takes a grand tour of each museum. Visitors can swipe from left to right as they enjoy Buildo Museums panoramic feature. Stickers reside at the top and can be dragged on and off at any point.  To increase the viewing room, the sticker scroll bar at the top can be visible or invisible, simply click the double arrow button in the upper right.  If interested in museum hopping, select the bat icon in the upper left hand corner.  Some stories are a work in progress, so there is no need to panic that your creation needs to be finished on the first visit.  Scenes can be saved and deleted as needed.

Buildo Museum applies to a large age range.  Depending on ones age will determine how this application is used.  Early on, Buildo Museum can be used for simple sticker manipulation and fine motor development.  As children begin to develop their vocabulary, stickers are placed and verbal stories can be shared with parental prompting.  As visitors reach school age, the experience of Buildo Museum changes as they use their improved fine motor skills to alter stickers and to truly tell a story that has a beginning, middle and end. A note to the developers –  to maintain the interest of those older visitors, it might be interesting to add a speech bubble feature. Such a feature could be turned on/off possibly in the “Mums and Dads’ Zone.”  Having such an option could encourage a reading and writing skill of a character’s voice.  As a teacher, it might be interesting to see Buildo Museum used in a large group as the iPad device is connected to a large screen.  Prior to a writing lesson, the teacher could create a scene that is then shared with the whole group.  As the teacher walks through the museum, students could choose one area of the visit and begin storytelling.  Let the creativity, imagination and collaboration begin.

If you are interested in sparking your child or students level of creativity or to encourage writing in a more positive way, then you will want to take advantage of this free app TODAY!!!  To learn more about the Buildo Sticker Series and the JAJDO AB development group, then visit their website here.  Go on a creative and child friendly museum tour as you download Buildo Museum to your iTunes library here.

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