A Fact Everyday – 365 Fun Facts for Kids

  A Fact Everyday – 365 Fun Facts for Kids

by Wombi Production

How many readers out there drink Snapple to quench their thirst, but also drink it because you feel as though you gain random knowledge under the cap?  If you answered yes, then why not save the calories and drink water.  With a simple download  from the iTunes App Store to your Apple device, those random facts can still be acquired for a one time introductory price of $1.99. Recently launched at the beginning of this month,  A Fact Everyday – 365 Fun Facts for Kids by Wombiapps can cause you and your child(ren) to begin wondering.  Designed for your mobile device running iOS 4.3 or later, fact enthusiasts will gain knowledge on animals, people and the world around us.  Through the use of clever illustrations, professionally recorded narration and a simple layout, the app name shouldn’t just say for kids, but for everyone.

A Fact Everyday can be viewed in three languages: English, Swedish and Danish.  Make it apart of your daily routine to turn on your mobile device not to check email or to surf the internet, but to learn a new and random fact each day. Visits can be done daily, or can be done as if going back in time.  With a simple tap of the screen, a user friendly drop down menu will appear.  This menu will provide young and old learners with access to several icons: a heart, date/calendar, star and a bookmark.  As facts are visited, those that you “want to share with others” can be tagged by a heart.  Sharing of a particular fact(s) can be done through an email or via Facebook.  If a fact really makes an impact and needs revisiting, then click the “star”.  All facts that have been starred will be placed in a hanging bookmark and can be viewed anytime or as the year draws to an end.

On February 7th, the day we were introduced to this fun filled app, we learned that “the world’s smallest frog can fit inside a thimble.”  How many people can say they knew that?  Does it get you wondering more about this small creature?  As a teacher, as I was reviewing this application, I was constantly coming back to the question, “How can these daily and random facts extend one step further as I teach my students to develop their 21st century skills?  Immediately, a web resource called Wonderopolis came to mind.  As the educational app, A Fact Everyday – 365 Fun Facts for Kids looks to spark curiosity and to bring out the inquisitive side of a child, Wonderopolis’ goal is is quite the same.  Wonderopolis states on their About page, that it is “a place where wonder and learning are nurtured through the power of discovery, creativity and imagination.”  How fitting that as facts are shared daily via your mobile device, that it can then be possibly further explored, if so desired, with an online free resource.  What connections to the curriculum might this random fact have?  If a connection can be made, Wonderopolis might have supplemental content, videos, vocabulary or lesson plan ideas to support that fact.  The possibilities are endless!

As you would rip off a page from a desk calendar, or turn wooden numbered blocks, this fact calendar will spark something new in your family or classroom.  Regardless of how you choose to use A Fact Everyday – 365 Fun Facts for Kids,  learning is happening.  You may not be collecting points, unlocking new levels or obtaining rewards in a “gaming” like format to reinforce skills, but you are left to wonder what will come next or to ask the beloved question of why!  If you would like to learn more about Wombi Productions, please click here to visit their website.  To lock in on the introductory price of $1.99 for A Fact Everyday – 365 Fun Facts for Kids then click here to access it from your  iTunes library before it returns to its normal price of $2.99.

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